Chapter 09


From my sitting position, he seems so tall, lean and frightening. I gulp, staring at his bare torso, the sprinkles of blood on his body looking far more interesting to me than anything else in the room or on me or on him.

For a while, Wolf doesn’t make any move. This confuses me further. From the time I have met him, it feels like he is always observing me or contemplating what he should do with me.

All of a sudden, he crouches down in front of me, his face appearing in my view.

I gasp, pushing myself back instinctively.

His face appears so close. If I reach a little forward, I might even be touching him accidentally and I don’t want to do that - no way in hell.

But, the sparks travelling down my spine force me to think otherwise.

Wolf looks up, his eyes

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goodnovel comment avatar
Oh, I think Kane likes her & starting to be obsessed. Anyway, best to ran when its full moon? I think no for you, Violet for I kept thinking that your this Alpha human mate. As far as I know when its full moon, werewolves got lost crazed, but for the one who have mates, its different.
goodnovel comment avatar
Why is Kane so obsessed with her?
goodnovel comment avatar
The story is a little slow moving.The fact that a Prince werewolf is willing to protect a human tells me he is different from his King father.He might be the one to end his monstrous reign.The sparks and. connection she feels towards Wolf are pretty telling of their mate bond.He is cautious for now.

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