Chapter 11


I stay standing in front of the window for the longest time. I am not shaking with fear anymore, but I am still anxious.

Kane saw me. And the look he gave me has me thinking about his next moves.

Will he tell Wolf? Of course, he will or else, he might just use this opportunity to get his revenge on me.

I shiver slightly, finally finding myself strong enough to walk back to the bed.

The T-shirt is placed on the bed. It’s strange that he asked me to wear something. When he asked me to wear it, I actually wanted to refuse. It’s a norm in my mind that I have to stay naked all the time when I am around the werewolves.

The beating I got - every time that I tried to cover myself when I was in captivity before - is still imprinted on my mind, body, heart and even soul.

My hand reaches out to the shirt. Not a big dea

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Comments (4)
goodnovel comment avatar
Oh my, she was going traumatize while on the other hands, the four prince will do anything to keep her safe without her knowing.
goodnovel comment avatar
Chichi Nwabuisi
She is really going to be traumatized after all this🥹
goodnovel comment avatar
Tonie Sledge
I don’t know but I’m thinking she has a wolf or something in her. Nobody that knows her wants her to reveal who or what she is. I’m wondering….

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