Chapter 14


After we all make a row outside, they lead us up the stairs. They assign everyone their duties in the pack-house. The duties include scrubbing floors, cleaning rooms, gardens, backyards and all the area around the huge pack-house.

I am asked to clean the staircase of the great hall so I get to work and I am glad that Cora is nearby, scrubbing the floor and making it slick clean.

I clean the spiral staircase, going up a stair as I wipe the Golden railing with a cloth. My eyes move toward Cora occasionally and I always sigh in relief when I find her busy in her work.

I walk up some more stairs, the great hall disappearing from my sight. Cora is working and I should get my work done too or someone might come to haunt me again.

I inhale deeply and wipe every speck of dirt from the railing. It takes me at least half an hour to make the railing sparkling clean.

When I am done, I place my hands on my sides and lean back, loo

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Thanks for the update author...can’t wait to read more chapters

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