Chapter 17


Cassius doesn’t waste any time in pushing me inside the dungeon and locking the door just as we arrive. I stumble inside and barely manage to catch myself before I fall face first.

My eyes wander off to the rest of the huge dungeon. There are humans everywhere, some groaning, some sleeping and some talking to each other.

My eyes miserably search for Cora. She has to be here somewhere around here.

As I look from my left to right and then right to left, I almost give up on trying. My heart drums in my ears as blood rushes towards my brain, making it throb.

I cast my eyes down and my shoulders slump. Tears rush to the back of my eyes.

I fought back for the very first time in my life and it seems like I have failed to achieve what I fought for.

This is the worst feeling in the world. It feels like time has come t

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Aexel Aegean
Wow Wolf! What a plan, you will make Kane claim Violet. Just hope you won't get jealous & possessive after all I felt Kane like Violet secretly, keeping from you & your brothers.
goodnovel comment avatar
So violet is a werewolf… and is hidden because she is important ... hmmm
goodnovel comment avatar
Omg so suspenseful

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