Chapter 18


“ What happened after I fainted? ” I question quietly as I glance at her.

My eyes slowly move down to her neck and I notice something which I didn’t notice earlier.

The collar around her neck.

Tremors run up my body as I sit straight, placing my hand on her head and pushing it off my shoulder. The letters are imbedded in the collar in silver writing and it was supposed to be almost impossible for me to miss, but I did.

I gulp my saliva and try to see the name but she wraps her hand around it, restricting me from reading it.

I lift my gaze to hers and purse my lips.

“ What happened? ” I rest my back against the wall, my eyes fixed at Cora.

“ He came after you fainted. ” Cora sighs and removes her hand from around her neck.

My eyebrows pull together. Is she talking about Wolf?

I lower my gaze and glance at the name engraved in the collar. A lump gets stuck in my throat right away an


Hey Readers! I hope you are liking this book so far! thanks for giving my book a chance and for supporting my book by giving gems and leaving comments and reviews. I hope you all keep enjoying and supporting this book and me. 💕 Do leave your reviews if you haven't yet. I would love to know what you think about this story so far! ALSO, WHAT DO YOU ALL THINK IS HAPPENING IN THE STORY RIGHT NOW? What secret is Wolf hiding? 🥲

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Comments (17)
goodnovel comment avatar
I just started the book and I really like it. I’m it quite sure what the secret is but I know something is definitely up. I have to agree with other readers, that maybe Violet is half human and half wolf and for some reason she doesn’t know it yet. Looking forward to reading on and finding out.
goodnovel comment avatar
Susan Hancock
it's pretty good
goodnovel comment avatar
Omg can’t even guess! Was thinking before that maybe she’s a different type of shifter and a rare one…now I have no idea. Good job in keeping us guessing author.

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