Chapter 20


My mouth falls half open and my eyebrows shoot up instantly. All my muscles tense up as I stare at the fire burning the building which was the pack-house before.


“ Come on. We don’t have time for this. ” Stefan takes my hand and gives it a light squeeze.

I force my gaze to meet his eyes. He is not surprised or nervous even one bit.

The pack-house has went up in flames. All werewolves and…and humans inside already possibly dead and he is acting like we have far more important things to do than to see them die in the fire and turning into nothing but ashes and coal.

‘ He has probably seen this a lot. ’ The voice inside my head intervenes in my thoughts and makes me realise the fact.

Stefan is one of the monsters in the end. No matter if his touch is soft and almost human like…He can never feel pity, sympathy and empathy for anyone.

I squeeze m

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Susan Hancock
that doesn't sound good
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I am trying my best to update every day of the month :) The update is up already. Thank you so much! :)
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The Black Daisy
I've been anxiously waiting for today's update... Are you not updating today?

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