Chapter 21


Surprised, I look at our left.

I thought she has died. Like I thought Kane has died.

Veronica. I sigh and turn to look at Wolf.

To my shock, Wolf, Cassius and Stefan look equally baffled. They have their eyebrows pulled up like they were not expecting to see Veronica here.

My eyes shoot toward Kane and Cora who are standing too close to Veronica. Kane sneakily pushes Cora behind himself. This is an unexpected move coming from him, but I am glad he is not all too ready to throw his slave in front of that Veronica.

I take in a shaky breath and steal a glance at Veronica.

“ You tried to kill me. ” She accuses Wolf, ignoring everyone else altogether.

My eyebrows pull together, forming a frown on my forehead. Wolf tried to kill Veronica? Why?

Tension rises in the air as no one says anything for a while and Veronica seems to be burning in fire, w

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Cheska Rijin
Don't tell me until now, Violet & Cora still naked when their already barefooted? While all the guys are full clothes! My God! Will this book end with the slaves naked. I can't even imagine that! I can walk in two piece in crowd but never will I like to live naked forever! Shocks!

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