Chapter 25


My whole body turns cold like someone has dumped a bucket of cold water on me.

“ Come here. ” Katrina commands.

My mind becomes fuzzy as I find myself losing control over my body. I follow her command without a second thought and stand up before marching towards her.

I want to move, to do something else, to defy her but my body seems to be paralysed.

Is magic finally working on me like it was supposed to do? Or is it just my fear and state of shock that I can’t bring myself to think about anything?

I breath a sigh and stand in front of her. Wolf is standing to her left and to my right. He is looking at me, his eyes conveying a message that I can’t decipher.

Katrina releases Wolf’s hand and pays all her attention to me. The smile never falters from her lips — it’s so heart-touching, hypnotic.

I can’t look away

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YT Heyward
so far it's a really good story!

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