Chapter 26


They drag Violet away and I simply witness them taking her to the dungeon. My hands itch to be clenched, the anger threatening to spill out but I remain calm and resist all the urges like I am conditioned to do for a long time now.

Katrina is watching me. I know.

And she is getting suspicious.

Katrina was supposed to try to kill Violet or at least demand for her to be made free for claims, but she surprised me when she asked me not to do it.

The whole change of scenario is so fucked up.

I can only imagine what Katrina wants to do to Violet or…

…make me do to Violet.

“ You failed us yet again. You have been doing this a lot lately, my dear son. ” King Adolphus addresses me.

I snap my gaze towards him.

Everything was planned, but then Elias appeared out of nowhere to take Violet back. We had agreed to leave Violet with m

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goodnovel comment avatar
Śťévíé Móřěïřä
this Katrina is getting to me already.Both her and her sister are revolting.
goodnovel comment avatar
Ugh she’s gross. Maybe Katrina and her sister appear so beautiful because of magic. They could be very ugly without magic.
goodnovel comment avatar
Tonie Sledge
DAYYYUUUMMM Wolf is out on a mission to break those other wolves down. I’m loving it!!!

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