Chapter 27


I am dumped into the dungeons that are in the basement of this huge castle. In my almost eighteen years of life, I never saw such a place before.

I am indeed a general’s daughter and I have seen many marvellous places, but something about this castle is different.

Perhaps, it’s the walls that seem so spotless that I found myself mindlessly staring at them as I was dragged down the narrow staircase to the basement. Or maybe, the ceiling mesmerised me more.

When they dragged me out of the throne room, I glanced inside for the last time and saw what I had never seem before. The ceiling of the throne room was not plain. It was embellished with jewels of different sparkly colours, all looking like tiny stars shining in the sky and surrounded by those countless stars was a moon right on top of where the King’s throne was.

It was breath—taking. I wish I could look at it a little


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goodnovel comment avatar
This book is soooo intense, the suspense is keeping me in my toes and I have no nails left to bite!
goodnovel comment avatar
Yikes! What’s going to happen? You’re doing great with the suspense. I’m kept guessing with all aorts of scenarios. I wonder if I even come close to guessing.
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great book, can’t put it down

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