End Note

Dear Lovely Readers!

After some four months, this book is finally complete. I know it wouldn't have been possible for me to finish the book if it hadn't been for all the support that I got from you all! So, I wanted to say Thank you! 

You all made writing this book possible. 

Now, what am I doing after this book? A general question.

I am writing a new story by the name "Alpha's Claimed Mate". You all can check it out here on the app if you want to read more stories from me!

Thanks again! Love you all ❤️


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Dee L. Huikko
Really luv the story. It made me laugh & it made me cry. I adore the happy ending!...
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This book was totally amazing! I can’t wait to start reading your new book.
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Missie Lawson Gebhardt
Loved the book! Truly would love to know what the future holds for the other characters.
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