Sebestian eyes snapped open when he heard a commotion coming from down the corridor outside his room. He glanced at the clock on his nightstand 06.37, great, he had slept in!. He climbed out of his bed, swiftly throwing a plain black t-shirt on before opening his door and peering down the corridor.

"..... see the vampires face..."

".....s'nt expecting that..."

"keep....Sebestian will hear..."

Sebestian sighed internally before marching through the door and following the voices down the corridor. He turned a corner to find Ram laughing and joking with two other Wolf, shaking something that rattled in his hand. Sebestian had seen the two Wolf around over the last few days, Marcus  and Mateo, he remembered. He grinned a predatory grin when Ram looked over his shoulder, catching sight of Magnus.

"Sebestian has already heard gentlemen," Sebestian said as he stalked toward the three men, his bare feet silent on the marble tiles "I suggest you hand that over Ram," he said, pushing a fraction of Alpha into his tone, warning Ram that it would be in his best interests to comply. Sebestian watched his internal struggle as he clutched the small jar tightly. "Don't make me ask again" Sebestian growled as he held his hand out, smirking when the other wolf's placed it in his hand.

Sebestian looked down at the small jar in his hand, raising it to eye level to inspect its contents. His blood ran cold when he realized what was in the jar. He stared up at Ram, finding him glaring back, not an ounce of remorse on his face. Magnus barely stopped his hand from shooting out and gripping the man by his neck. "The three of you, in the Ops centre, five minutes" he breathed, turning on his heel to return to his room.

"We've been out on patrol all night Sebestian" he heard Ram say behind him, stopping Magnus in his tracks as the man sneered his name. "We are going to bed," Ram said, causing Sebestian to turn on his heel.

"It wasn't a request, it was an ORDER" Sebestian roared, pushing a small amount of alpha into his tone. He remained expressionless as the three men took a step back, flinching when his tone washed over them. "You WILL be in the Ops centre in five minutes," he said turning once again and storming down the corridor, almost ripping the door off its hinges when he flung it open and marched into his room, slamming it behind him. He snatched up his phone from the nightstand, dialling as he tried to breathe through the fury coursing through him.

"Dell, get dressed, Ops centre, five minutes" he snapped out when she groggily answered her phone. He mashed the end call button before sending an institute-wide text, demanding they all be in the Ops centre in five minutes time. He tapped the screen a few more times, sending another text before he threw his phone on the bed and got dressed. He stalked through the institute to the Ops centre.

Sebestian stood silently fuming as he waited for them all. Dell was first, strolling into the room with a shit eating grin on her face. It soon disappeared when he showed her the contents of the jar, seeing his horror mirrored on her face.

"Where did you get this?" Dell asked as she stared down at the jar Sebestian showed her, catching the silent shake of his head. She could feel the anger rolling off him in waves, she didn't even feel sorry for whoever the target of his ire was, she was too disgusted. She looked up to see a few people shuffle into the room, yawning as they shuffled in. "are you fucking shitting me?" she asked Sebestian as she stared at them, half of them weren't even dressed, still in their pyjamas "do you still think you will win their respect?" she asked, turning to her bestfriend as he watched them with narrowed eyes.

Sebestian counted them as they made their way into the room. He looked up at the clock, seeing that ten minutes had passed as the trickle of Wolf's petered off. Only half of them had shown up. He stormed over to the computer screens, tapping away as he got angrier by the second, slamming his finger down on the enter button. A predatory grin spread across his face as the alarms started screaming, announcing a demon attack. It didn't take long for the room to fill up. He counted them as they all poured into the room, weapons ready, fifty of them all together. He turned the alarm off as the last of them arrived.

"So nice of you all to join us" Sebestian shouted to the crowd as they all stared around, confused expressions on their faces. "What part of that text made any one of you think it was okay to ignore a direct command?" he barked out, watching as half of them scowled at him, nobody answers. He turned and walked over to join Dell at the top of the steps, catching her eye as she glared around.

"Everyone this is Dell, a few of you may know her already," Sebestian said as he stared down at them "She is now second in command at this station. If she gives you an order, you will follow it without hesitation. She speaks for me and has full authority in all matters that are brought before her, do I make myself clear?" he snapped at them "I SAID DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?" he roared out, pushing every ounce of Alpha into his tone that he could muster when they all stared insolently up at him.

Dell smirked when she saw the entire room cringe, their faces turning white as Sebestian tone smacked into them, like a physical blow, she watched as heads started bowing, not one of them strong enough to look him in the eye. A few of the Omegas in the room even started to whine as they realised that they were in the presence of a true ALPHA.

It was only the fact that she was his bestfriend, their bond lending her some of his strength, and oldest friend that she wasn't cringing back herself, having built up a tolerance to him over the years. He was powerful! Every instinct in her Alpha body was driving her to submit to him, to bear her neck and stare at the ground, she could only imagine what they were all experiencing. Her smirk turned into a full-blown grin when she saw faces start to turn towards her, staring up with incredulous expressions on their faces as she stood erect, staring down at them.

"RAM" Sebestian barked out, watching as Ram jumped, trying to stare up at him definitely "front and centre, and bring your friends" he snapped. He watched as the two Beta  practically tripped over their feet to get to the front of the room, their instincts telling them to obey the powerful alpha, Ram trailing after them as slowly as he could. Sebestian could see the tremble in the Alphas body as he desperately tried to fight his instincts, the instincts that were telling him to submit to the apex predator in the room, his Alpha instincts to fight, warring with the instinct to run from the stronger Alpha.

"Why don't you tell everyone what you had in your possession twenty minutes ago Ram?" Sebestian asked when he finally made it to the front of the room. Sebestian had realized he needed to make an example of Ram, to show them all that change was coming. "No? Fine, Ram, Marcus and Mateo were carrying a jar of Vampire fangs when they returned from patrol this morning ladies and gentlemen" he said, looking around the room.

Sebestian took note of the reactions to his statement, seeing who smirked and who was shocked, dividing them into two groups. He was pleased to find the group that seemed to approve of Ram actions was considerably smaller, about fifteen in all. Maybe there was hope for them yet. He didn't miss the smirk on Ram face.

"Please, tell me, what is so funny?" Sebestian whispered as he rounded on the members, a vein almost popping in his neck as he fought back the urge to smack the smirk off the man's face. "These are someone's fangs. As if the act of taking them weren't despicable enough in itself, you think it's okay to laugh about it?" Sebestian shouted.

"He was a B-Grade," Ram said, trying to affect a nonchalant shrug, his eyes darting between Sebestian and the floor as he tried to ignore the voice screaming in his head for him not to make eye contact with the enraged Alpha. "I'm a A-Grade group member, he shouldn't have come for me. What did you want me to do? "he asked, forcing a confidence that he didn't feel into his voice.

"If you are attacked by a B-Grade, you take them down and bring them in, you do not take their FUCKING BODY PARTS!" Sebestian roared. "Did you kill him?" he asked when he had gotten control of himself.

"Yes, of course I did," Ram  said angrily, staring at Sebestian as if he were a particularly obtuse five-year-old. "He was a B-Grade, I don't see what the big deal is" he muttered

"The 'big deal' is that I have a meeting with Mr.Allen in less than three hours" Sebestian shouted, breathing through his nose as he tried to keep the Alpha to a bare minimum. "How do you think I am going to explain this to him?" he asked,

"Why should I care what a B-Grade Wolf thinks of me?" Ram spat out defiantly, the Alpha in him surfacing and refusing to be cowed. "It was a vampire I took these from," he said, staring into Sebestian eyes as he scowled.

"That B-Grade has been made the leader of all B-Grade group in Nigaland" Sebestian roared in Ram face. He saw the flinch as the man stared down at the floor. "The night creature  will not stand for this. They will see it as an act of war" he said, turning to look around at them all. "We are on the precipice of war. They will not stand for your treatment of them any longer, do any of you actually realize what will happen if i cannot persuade them not to retaliate. They are gearing up for a fight by making him their leader. A fight that we can not win, we don't have the numbers for a start" he roared at the room, unable to hold back his anger any longer. He saw several of the Betas take a step back, saw every Omega in the room bow their heads and every Alpha flinch, shaking as they tried to hold their heads up at his tone.

"Every one of you is now under review," Dell said, stepping forward as Sebestian tried to get a grip on himself. She saw the looks on their faces as they glared up at the two of them. "Your cases, actions and arrests will be reviewed...."

"Who are you two to come in here an....?" Ram piped up before clamping his mouth shut at the look Sebestian gave him.

"One more fucking word and swear to Luna I will rip you apart you where you fucking stand," Sebestian said, pushing his tone out to wrap around Ram.

"You can't do that" Ram screeched, glaring at Sebestian with pure hatred in his eyes.

"I don't think any of you actually understand my position within the A-Grade group," Sebestian said, a dangerous glint in his eye as his gaze swept the entire room. "As the floating station head, I have the power to shut this station down if I see the need. I have the authority to walk into any station and replace any station head on the spot and, furthermore, I have the authority to rip you apart any one of you without a second thought so don't fucking test me, I have taken down entire station and will do so again if you can not follow orders" he growled.

"I answer only to the consul. Jia James sent me here to clean up the mess Aldertre left in his wake and to whip the entire station into shape. I am telling you now, you will conform to the new regime or you will find yourselves living with the humans. DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?" Sebestian roared at the room.

"If you think we are going to bow down to the B-Grade, you have another thing coming" Ram shrieked, shaking with anger as he lunged at Sebestian.

Sebestian didn't hesitate, he ducked under the enraged beta wolf out-stretched arms and grabbed Ram around the neck, sweeping his feet out from beneath him. twisting his body and dropping to one knee, he drove Ram body down into the floor by his throat with a roar. He pinned the beta arm to the floor with his knee and whipped his knife out, carving a breaking wolf mark into the A-Grade mark on the man's arm with one quick fluid motion, before he could even register what was being done to him.

"This is not the first time Mr. Sebestian has had to do this" Dell said to the crowd, pacing up and down as they stared silently at Ram writhing on the floor, screaming at the top of his lungs. "And it will not be the last. It's time for a change ladies and gentlemen. Anybody else who feels they do not want to be part of the new regime, please, step forward and be have a beautiful mark,you and I we both knows, if you got broken wolf mark it means you are no longer A-Grade wolf. And no other group will ever accept you. Even they are B-Grade, you will treat like crimnal" she said. Watching as every one of them averted their eyes.

Sebestian stood up when he heard the station doors open. "That will be our guests," he said as a group of twelve wolf's entered the Ops centre. "They will be searching your rooms, anyone found in possession of any other body parts belonging to a B-Grade creatures will join these two in the cells," Sebestian said, pointing at Evergreen and Garcia, glaring around at the group. His eyes narrowed when he saw a few faces pale. "You will remain here while they search. Anyone that tries to leave this room will be detained" he said.

"Dell, see to the details then come and find me," Sebestian said before storming from the room without a backwards glance. He needed a hot shower before he had to go and deal with Allen!

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