"Fuck!" Sebestian roared, losing control completely as he spun on the spot, a deep, full Alpha snarl ripping from him as he slammed his fists down on the counter, a crack running through the entire length of the Carrara marble slab, making everyone else cringe and step back from the enraged Alpha. Everyone but Allen.

Allen couldn't move a muscle, his control over himself slowly fraying thread by thread as his eyes slammed closed. His hands balled up into tight fists, his fingernails cutting into his palms as his magic ripped through his body. He felt it push out of him, barely erecting a barrier around himself to protect them all in time before he let it consume him. He screamed out the centuries of pain and loneliness, all of his anger and bitterness and sadness.

Sebestian whipped around when he heard the sound, the furious, desolate scream that ripped from his Omega. The sound was like a thousand razorblades being scraped over his soul. It cut through his own pain and anger and frustration, his Omega should never have to make that sound. He took half a step forward before he saw the bubble of magic his mate was encased in, he couldn't get to him. The thought had him freezing in his tracks. His omega, his mate that he couldn't have, couldn't touch. He couldn't take him in his arms and comfort him and tell him it would be okay. He couldn't fight what was hurting his mate, how can you fight yourself?

Dell stared at her bestfriend as he dragged his hands through his hair, She could see the internal struggle he was going through. She watched him take a step forward then one back over and over again. It had taken her a moment to realise what was happening, it wasn't until the omrga had run through the doorway that she understood his bizarre reaction upon entering the store. It had slowly dawned on her why he had been acting so odd. He had found his mate, a B-Class omega fairy, something that rarely happened to a A-Class Alpha Wolf.

She had never understood his desperation to find his mate, all they do is cause heartbreak and destroy each other, she had seen the damage first hand. He hid it from the rest of the people but she was his best friend, she knew how long he had waited for this, she knew he had already given up hope. She watched his every move, clutching the two  blades she had pulled out when he had lost it. She saw it then, the exact moment he clammed up and shut down. She didn't know whether to be relieved or to shake some sense into him. She hated it when he closed himself off like that, but he would have to in order to put a stop to this before it went any further. It was all for the best, she thought.

"Stop!" Sebestian said, watching his ma.... The fairy omega continue to rage inside his shield. He couldn't think like that, he couldn't have his mate, and thinking of the omega as such wouldn't help things. "Mr Allen, stop" he boomed out, trying to push the Alpha into his tone. He hated himself fiercely, feeling his gut twist, for doing it but the man was going to hurt somebody if he continued, maybe even himself. The thought had his breath catching before he shut it down.

Being addressed as Mr Allen washed over Allen like a bucket of icy water being dumped over his head. The tone his Alpha had used cutting into him. Not because of the power behind it, and there was power behind that command for sure, it was the coldness, the icy tone he had used. He reigned his magic in, shoving it down in an instant, dropping the shield as stared at his mate.

"Mr Allen?" Allen asked, his tone just as cold and sterile as the A-Class Wolf was "really? Mr Allen? That's how you are going to play this?" he asked as he stared at the man in disbelief.

"Mr Allen, we are here to discuss our differences and try to come up with some sort of solution for the problems that have arisen between our two peoples," Sebestian said, not daring to make eye contact. He forced himself to look around the store, noticing the two people that had followed his Omeg..... The fairy from behind the curtain for the first time. A beautiful woman who had stepped into the room and man, partially hidden in the doorway behind her.

Sebestian would normally have stepped forward and shaken hands with all parties when meeting with a delegation from either the A- Class or the B-Class, but that would have meant having to step around the fairy and at that moment he didn't trust himself to take a step closer to the man.

Allen watched his Alpha retreat, walking back towards the woman he had entered the store with. He couldn't believe the words that come from his Alphas mouth, had he seriously just said that? He took a moment to study the Alpha, his gaze sweeping up and down the man's body, he finally took in the wings that's covered his exposed arms, how had he not noticed? His eyes swept Sebestian entire body seeing the black utilitarian cargo pants, tightly laced boots and the tight-fitting black t-shirt. He saw the weapons in the double thigh holster and hanging from the back of his belt, the guy looked as if he was about to raid a drug drug den. His eyes snapped back up when he caught the way his mate scrubbed his hands through his hair, almost yanking it out. Demons below, he beautiful!

"Oh? We need to discuss the differences between our people do we?" Allen snapped out as he stared at the man, the beautiful man that he wanted to touch. He wanted it badly, to stalk forward and wrap himself up in his Alpha. His breath caught in his chest at the thought. "You don't think we should talk about...?"

"There is nothing to talk about," Sebestian interrupted coldly, wrapping his heart up in a sheet of iron as his stomach dropped through the floor. Saying the words made him feel sick he couldn't even meet the omega eye. "It can't happen, you must know that it is forbidden," Sebestian said, staring at a spot off to the right of that beautiful face that he longed to gaze at.

"Those are your rules not mine," Allen said. He saw the shake of his Alphas body, the only outward sign that the situation was having any effect on him at all. He watched as the Alpha turned away "your A- Class organisation makes those rules, not the B- Class" he said angrily, right then he didn't give a fuck about some outdated those rule, not after all these years, not when he had finally found his mate, his mate who couldn't even look him in the eye.

"We all need to follow a law," Sebestian said in a monotone, he had always followed that ethos, rules were there for a reason, the A- Class and the B- Class do not mix. He had never thought he would hate saying those words. Right now he hated the words with a fierce passion, he wished he had never heard the stupid sentence. He walked back to Dell side, stealing himself to turn back to the three people behind him. "I am Sebestian, head of the Nigaland Station and this is Dell my second in command," he said, introducing them to the two people that had accompanied his mat.... The fairy. He noticed that the woman looked like the fairy, a family member maybe? And he was pretty sure the man standing in the darkened hallway, avoiding the sunlight that was pouring through the window, was a vampire.

Allen stared at his Alpha, he was seriously going to try and brush him off like that? The law? The fucking law!? He glanced back at Rose when he felt her hand grip his shoulder. He hadn't realised he had taken a step forward until she started to pull him back. He glared at the two Alphas across the room. His mate acting as if he didn't feel the pull, didn't hear the voice screaming in his head, screaming at him to get closer to his mate, to reach out and lose himself in the one person meant for him. He knew without a doubt that if that was what was happening to him it sure as hell was happening to his Alpha. It was like a physical ache in his stomach, the need to be touched.

"I am Rose, Allen sister, this is my mate, Jordon," Rose said, gripping the back of her brothers' shirt as he tried to take another step towards the Alpha. She felt as if her own heart were being torn out when she felt a shudder run through his body. Her wonderful, caring, amazing brother had finally found his mate, only for it to be ripped from him so cruelly. It wasn't fair! He deserved this, he deserved love and a family and a future, he deserved everything. She couldn't even imagine what would it would have been like not to be able to touch Jordon when they had first met. She reached back and gripped her mates hand with her free hand as she felt the lump rise up in her throat.

"Is there somewhere we can go to discuss our business?" Sebestian asked, keeping his gaze on the woman, he couldn't bear to look at the omega, he didn't trust himself not to break his resolve if he looked into those beautiful eyes. His stomach tightened at the thought. They really where the most breathtaking pair of eyes he had ever seen. He locked the muscles in his neck as he felt his head start to turn in his ma... the fairy direction.

"No, there isn't anywhere we can go to discuss our 'business'" Allen said incredulously. "We need to talk about this Sebestian," he said, realising it was the first time he had spoken his mates' name aloud. He shook his sisters hand off as he started to pace back and forth restlessly, his eyes darting back to his mate on every turn of his heel. He needed to get to his mate, to look into those gorgeous brown eyes and see reassurance there, to see acceptance.

Sebestian turned away, slamming his eyes closed at the shudder that ran through his body when his name fell from the man's lips. He felt his heart constrict at the sound of it. He replayed the word over and over again in his head, hating himself for it. It was like torture, a torture he couldn't stop inflicting on himself. He flinched when he felt Dell take his hand before gripping it tightly, desperately using her hand as an anchor to try and steady himself in the swirling mess that was running through his head.

Dell stared at her best-friend as he turned away from them, dropping the mask he had so carefully pulled across his features, she could feel the tremble of his hand, could see the clenching of the muscles of his arm as he gripped her hand. She had never seen him like this, he was always so controlled, so strong whenever he faced an impossible situation, but this? It had been a long time since she had seen him lose any of his rigid self-control and she had never seen that look on his face before, that gut clenching look of absolute desolation.

She knew the others in the room would see an unfeeling, cold exterior, thinking him unaffected by the situation but she knew better, she knew him like nobody else. Seeing the rigid way he held himself, the way he wouldn't look the warlock in the eye, the shake of his entire body as he held himself back, it made her want to take him in her arms and hug the pain away, something she had never felt the need to do before. She would usually just tell him a joke or a funny story and he would snap out of his funk and move on. But this, this look of agony on his face made her want to hold him close and protect him from it all. She wouldn't though, not in front of them, she wasn't sure he wouldn't be able to stop himself from crumbling.

"How about we all take a moment to collect ourselves?" Jordon asked, watching everyone in the room. Even as an Alpha he felt like flinching at the tension rolling through the room in waves, between Allen and Sebestian, they had managed to put everyone on edge. He could see Allen agitation as he paced up and down, something he would never do in front of A- Class in any other situation. He didn't miss the silent shake of his mates head as she watched her brother.

Allen couldn't stop the whine that was building in his chest, his Omega instincts pushing it out of his mouth, Calling to the Alpha in Sebestian. He should be on the other side of the room with his mate, his mate who was still turned away from him. He wanted to run over there and pull Sebestian' hand from the grip his friend, Dell he remembered, and take it in his own. It was like a physical need, he could almost feel the hand in his own. The feeling pushed the pitch of the whine higher.

Sebestian almost broke at the sound the fairy was making, his head starting to turn of its own volition before he managed to reign himself in. The sound clawed at the inside of his head, the sound of his Omega in distress. It was the worst sound an Alpha could hear, he should be the one protecting him from whatever had him making it, not the one causing it. He stared at Dell beseechingly, silently begging her to do something, anything to make it stop when he couldn't do it himself.

Allen took another step towards his Alpha, unable to stop himself. He stopped when he saw the tension in his shoulders, the way he flinched as Allen got closer to him. He watched as his mate spun on his heel to look at Jordon, to look at Rose, to look at the fucking curtain! Anywhere but at him. It had his blood boiling, his Alpha wouldn't even look him in the eye.

"LOOK AT ME!" Allen screamed when he could take it no longer, the tension he could feel from his mate, rolling in waves across the room to sweep over him. "Look at me, not them. Stop acting as if you don't care, as if this isn't affecting you just as much as it is me" Allen said, wiping the angry tears from his eyes as he glared at his Alpha.

Sebestian flinched as the sound of his mat... the fairy scream tore through him. He took a deep breath, squaring his shoulders and locking his body down to look at the man. He wasn't prepared for the sight that met him, the shake of his entire body, the tears he was trying to wipe away, the angry flush that had spread across his beautiful face. The pain and devastation and anger he saw there. It was too much! The sight of him like that pushed all his frustration up through his body in a furious growl that erupted from his mouth before he could stop it, making them all flinch again, everyone except his Ome.... Allen.

Sebestian could see the muscles in his neck straining, the clench of his jaw as he held his head up high, refusing to back down. A fierce pride welled up in Sebestian at that moment, Allen was strong! He clamped down on the feeling. If he wasn't going to let himself give in to his own nature, to every instinct that was trying to push him towards the man, then he would not allow himself to feel the pride that stirred at his mat.. The fairy victory. He didn't deserve to!

"We need to talk about this" Allen said, stalking forward, finally giving in to the instincts that were pushing him forward. "We need to talk about us.." he cut off when he saw his Alpha take a step back, a terrified look on his face. The look scraped at his chest, his Alpha looked scared of him.

"We can't," Sebestian said, wanting nothing more than to take a step forward, to sweep his ma... to sweep the man up in his arms and hold him close, to never let go of him. But he couldn't, so he took another step back, terrified of what he would do if ....the warlock got any closer, fighting his entire body to take the step. The frustration welled up in him again as he saw first the hurt then the Anger that swept across the Sebestian features.

"Don't tell me you don't want this Sebestian," Allen said angrily, taking another step forward when he saw his mate flinch at his name "how can you deny what there is between us? We both know that this is meant to be" he choked out when he saw the shudder that ran through Sebestian beautiful body as he got closer. Demons below he wanted to run his hands over that body, to wrap himself up in his Alphas arms and scent, the scent that was reaching out and caressing every inch of his body. "You won't be able to fight it forever, we both know that we are mat..."

"Dont.... Don't say it, Allen" Sebestian cried, wincing at the sound of his tone when he growled out the name as the Alpha in him emerged, wanting to take the Omega. He trembled when he saw the shudder run through Allen at the sound of his name, his hands clenching as the pupils of those mesmerizing  eyes blew up, dilating in an instant. He almost shrieked in frustration when the scent, the scent of his unmated Omega hit him again, scraping at his lungs. It made him want to push the man down and claim him then and there for anyone to see.

"You know we cant be together" Sebestian growled out, frustrated beyond belief "Seriously! do you think I don't want this? That every single cell of my entire body isn't fighting to get to you? That it doesn't rip my heart out and scrape at my soul to turn away from you? From what we could be? We.... cant.... Were from two different worlds" he growled angrily, yanking at his hair with frustration, hating himself, hating what he was, what Allen was. "Do you think I haven't waited and prayed and begged for a mate? We can't!" he said. He wanted to scream out his pain and loneliness as his Ome.... the fairy had.

"You won't even discuss it?" Allen muttered angrily "you're going to turn away and pretend it's not happening because I'm a B- Class om...?"

"No, its because you are B-Class and I am a A- Class, you know it is not allowed," Sebestian said brokenly, turning away and dragging Dell towards the door, he needed to leave, barely able to hold himself back any longer.

"Then you should know, I will not give up on you, on this" Allen said, watching as his Alpha stopped in his tracks, his back ramrod straight and shoulders shaking. "You can't run from it, Sebestian. I am your Omega and you are my Alpha" he said as the tears welled up, the pain of seeing his Alpha with his back to him crashing through him in an uncontrollable wave.

Sebestian had to force himself not to turn around at the statement his mate, his Omega had made. The Alpha in him needed to turn and claim the Omega who had called him his Alpha. Forcing himself to walk through the door was the hardest thing he had ever done in his life.

Rose ran forward when she saw her brother collapse. She threw herself onto the floor next to him and pulled his shaking body into her chest, stroking his hair back as he sagged into her arms and sobbed into her neck. She wanted to scream right along with him when he could hold the high pitched keening in no longer. She had no words for him as he screamed his pain and loneliness out. So she just held him tighter, rocking him back and forth.

Allen felt like his gut had just been ripped from him, like somebody had dragged his beating heart from his chest and was scraping the hollow, empty space left behind with a blunt knife. He could barely breathe as he screamed out his pain, clutching desperately at his sister to keep himself from falling over the edge of the abyss his Alpha had left behind as he walked out of the door.

Sebestian made it as far as the alleyway at the end of the street before he lost it, he felt physically sick. He sank to the ground, barely able to see from the tears that filled his eyes, and curled up into a ball, folding in on himself. He couldn't breathe! He lay there shaking and sobbing, unable stop himself from trying to fight her off when he felt Dell arms come around him.

"Stop!" Dell commanded him. She might not have been an ALPHA but she was still a powerful Alpha in her own right, so she commanded him to stop fighting, pulling him in when he stopped. She almost cried when his arms came around her. She clutched him tightly, letting him cry it out. She didn't know how to comfort him, she had never seen him lose it like this. She had never wanted a mate so she did not understand his need for one, but it tore at her to see her strong, powerful best friend so broken.

"What k..k... kind... of... Alpha am... I... Dell...othea? I rejected him.... I rejected my ..m.. m..ate" Sebestian gasped out, desperately trying to breathe through the gaping hole in his chest as the tears poured down his face. His Omega, his mate, the mate he had so desperately needed was lost to him forever.

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