Chapter 1: 18 years later...

Three boys sat on a stage behind them a concert setup sat dormant. Two of them were laughing and cutting up as they looked through a Playboy magazine. They were both looking at a sexy topless blonde when the front door opened, and sunlight ran down the violet carpet to the middle of the seats. They both watched as a brown-headed girl strolled up to the boy with light brown hair with blonde highlights. As he was looking through a magazine with his glistening chest exposed, the girl bit her bottom lip and ran her hand over the boy’s chest with a soft caress, and he looked up at her as she winked at him and asked, “I thought you could use some company; how long do you have?” The boy looked up and grabbed her by her wrist and pulled her up by it, the girl winced with pain as her wrist cracked from his grip, but she made no sound. Pulling her up on stage, he took her behind the curtains. With a bang, both their bodies hit the floor. The two boys looked at each other and nodded to each other; they both smiled when the moans and screams of either pain or pleasure reverberated from backstage. They were not disappointed.

An hour later, the brown-headed girl stumbled out from behind the curtains; she looked at the two guys still sitting on the stage with their instruments. She blushed slightly and walked down the steps to the large front door out of the concert hall. The boy followed shortly, buttoning his faded jeans before he plopped down where he had been sitting before; she had come up to him. He started to tune his guitar with a sour look on his face. When the two bandmates saw his bad mood, they knew she had not helped. One of the boys came over and placed a hand on his shoulder while he asked, “Well, what was she like?”

“She passed out halfway through the fuck,” answered the other boy,” and I suggest you stop touching me.”

As he stopped talking, he cocked his eyes at the platinum blond-haired boy, and the sliver that circled his irises glowed. The boy smiled and said,” Now, Trigger man, don’t do this ok, I’m sorry.” The boy named Trigger stood up, grabbed the other’s neck, and lifted him off the ground.

“Ok, ok, I’ll quit,” said the boy in a squeaky voice as he held his hands up in surrender.

Trigger dropped him and walked away back behind the curtains to the dressing rooms.

Across town at Skyline Heritage Highschool, Kayle and Lou-lou walked onto the school grounds talking about test scores and what they had planned for the weekend when they saw Claire staggering up to her group of friends. Her hair generally on point, was all over the place, and her make-up smeared. As the girls got closer, they overheard the conversation.

“OMG!! Teresa, I did it. I fucked the lead singer, Trigger! It was so amazing!!” Claire exclaimed.

That set the other girls in a babble of commotion as they surrounded her, asking for more details.

Kayle shook her head and rolled her eyes at Lou-lou.

“What is up with the girls around here and sleeping with that dude? And who the hell is he?!” Kayle asked her friend as they walked up the school’s steps to the front doors.

Lou-lou shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know Kayle, but do you even know who he is?” She questioned as they walked together down the hall to their lockers.

“Lou-lou, you know I don’t get to see bands anymore since I had to start working with my father at the lab.” Stated Kayle as she opened her locker and placed her backpack in, and pulled out her 1st and 2nd block class books to take with her.

“Sorry girl, from what I know is that he and his band Oathbreaker are an up-and-coming band that has been hot for the past six months. Trigger’s the singer and looks like a god with silver surrounding his irises, then there is Mitch and Conor they play the drums and bass, Trigger also plays the guitar.” answered Lou-lou,” Do you want to go? I have another ticket since Ashley is sick and can’t go.”

“I will have to see what my father has me doing at the lab tomorrow night, but I would love to lay my eyes on this guy that everyone likes to sleep with,” Kayle replied.

“Okay, let me know if you want to go,” Stated Lou-lou looking around at Kayle before she left to go to her classes.

“Ok, I’ll text my dad and let you know something at lunch.”

Lou-lou nodded, and Kayle turned to the left to head to her classes.

“See ya later, “stated Kayle.

Kayle walked to her English class with Mrs. Gibson; she was a stern lady that had been in her career for a long time. She was a pretty brunette with porcelain skin, and her lips were painted with a bright purple lipstick today to match her purple dress with white flowers. Mrs. Gibson was sitting behind her desk grading last week’s essay papers. Kayle took her seat in the middle of the class and started writing her journal topic, written on the board. Today’s was ‘What would you do if the world ended tomorrow?’   

Once everyone was in their seats, Mrs. Gibson looked up, pulled out her roll book, and started naming the class. Once finished, she placed the book down and looked around.

“OK, class, today we are going to be opening our books to page 56, and you will read the paragraph. After that, there will be a small quiz about the topic.” Lectured Mrs. Gibson.

The class pulled out their books and turned to the page, and started to read.

The bell rang after the class had finished with the quiz. Kayle picked up her books and made her way to her 2nd block class, science.  The halls to her second block class took her away from the primary part of the school to the back of the building. As she walked, she pulled out her phone, pulled up her dad’s number, and began to text him to find out if she would be able to go to the concert tomorrow night. Before she reached her class, she put the phone back into her pocket and entered the class. Kayle made her way to the front of the class; since her first block class was further away, she was one of the last students to take her seat. The class waited for the teacher to come to class. Last year the junior year science teacher retired, and this was the first year that this teacher was here.  The students did not know if the teacher was male or female. All they knew was that they had come from another school and the teacher was highly recommended. When the door opened, the class watched as a young brunette man walked in with his satchel.

“Ok, class, my name is Mr. Anderson. And I am your new science teacher. Today we will start by looking into your books to decipher the different chemicals in the periodic table. Once you finish deciphering the different types for your homework, you will pick one and then research that particular one. Afterward, you will tell the class what that chemical you picked does and is made of.” stated Mr. Anderson as he wrote the instructions onto the board.

Most of the class groaned and looked at each other. Kayle felt her phone go off in her pocket, and she silenced the vibration. Kayle opened her book and started with the assignment that Mr. Anderson instructed. She quickly got most of the chemicals finished. ‘I guess having a scientist as a father has its perks,’ thought Kayle.

When the bell rang, Kayle picked up her books and paper and handed them to the teacher, Mr. Anderson. The teacher looked up at her and back at the finished assignment.

“Good job.” Stated Mr. Anderson. “Don’t forget to do the research.”

“Yes, Sir,” nodding, Kayle walked out of the classroom.

Kayle pulled out her phone from her pocket and opened her messages. She opened the text from her father. Reading the text while walking down the hall to her locker, Kayle started to smile. When she got to her locker, Lou-lou was already there.

“Well, what did he say?” Asked Lou-lou as she was closing her locker.

“He said that I could go, but I have to make sure I get to the lab after.” Kayle excitedly answered.

“That’s great! I am so glad that he is letting you go! It’s been forever since we have actually hung out,” exclaimed Lou-lou.

The girls walked into the lunchroom and to the line to get food. After getting their food, the girls made their way over to an empty table. Sitting down, Kayle heard more people talking about Trigger. It seemed that all the girls loved the silver around his irises. ‘But that has to be a stunt or contacts to give the show more character.’

“Hey Kayle, you gonna go to the concert tomorrow?”

Kayle looked up and saw Savanna, a beautiful girl with bright red hair, hazel eyes, and flawless dark brown skin, and answered,” Yeah, Lou-lou said that Ashley was sick, so I decided that I would go since it’s been a while since I have been to a concert.”

“You are going to be in a ride of your life cause Oathbreaker is like haywire when they perform.” Stated Savanna while smiling.

“Well, I guess I’ll find out tomorrow, now, won’t I?” Asked Kayle.

“Yeah, I guess you will, “stated Savanna,” but I have to warn you that you need to watch out; you just may become a groupie.”

“No, I won’t be one of those.” Answered Kayle.

“Ok, but remember I told you so,” Savanna said with a wink as she sauntered away.

Kayle shook her head and continued with her lunch. Lou-lou was listening to her phone. Kayle watched as she listened to music videos. When she noticed that one of the bandmates had silver surrounding his irises, she tapped Lou-lou on the shoulder and pointed at her phone. Lou-lou took out her earbuds and looked at Kayle.

“Is that him?”

Lou-lou nodded, “By the way do you want to check out early tomorrow so that we can get ready?”

“Yeah, sure, that would be great. That way, I don’t have to be rushed.” Stated Kayle.

After lunch, the girls went back to their lockers to retrieve their books for the remainder of the afternoon. The afternoon passed quickly, and the girls went back to their lockers to get their backpacks and walked out of the school.

“So, Lou-lou, what do you think about the new science teacher?” Asked Kayle

“He is one hot dude to be a science teacher.” Lou-lou laughed.

“Yeah, too bad he had to end up in this place,” Kayle stated, looking over at her friend.

“What are you doing tonight?” Lou-lou asked.

“I just have to go to my dad’s lab and help out with some things. Then try and get some of this research paper done for Mr. Anderson.” Sighed Kayle as she walked with her friend to their houses. Lou-lou lived on the street behind her house. Their backyards were connected; if you looked hard, you could see the pulley system they used to use when they would get into trouble to communicate with each other. The girls head to the backyard and sit at the patio table for a few minutes.

“Lou-lou, I’m gonna head to my house and drop off my stuff and then head to my dad’s lab. I’ll see you tomorrow. Do you want to get ready at my house or yours?”

“I think it would be best for us to get ready at your place. My parents might be a little upset if they catch us home earlier than we are supposed to” Lou-lou laughed as she waved goodbye to Kayle.

Kayle walked towards the hidden path between the two backyards to get to her house quicker. As she slipped into the darkness, she couldn’t help to feel like she was being watched.

‘Not like the normal watching feeling I get; the patrols are always watching me.’ Thought Kayle as she quickly surveyed her surroundings. She finally made it through the woods. Kayle walked up the steps to the backdoor and went in. Grabbing something quick to eat, she called her dad.

“Hey, I’m home. Can you see if someone can come by and pick me up to bring me to the lab?”

“Sure, I’ll send someone over to get you. How was your day at school?”

“It was fine, nothing too hard. By the way, thank you for letting me go to the concert tomorrow.”

“You deserve to go, Kayle. You have worked hard. Just try not to stay out too late and be back at the lab. Where is this concert being held anyway?”

“At the Tiny Bottom. You know the old theater downtown?”

“Ah yes. Alright, well, one of the privates should be getting there soon to get you.”

“Ok, dad, Thanks again.” The call ended, and as she was finishing her food, the doorbell rang. Kayle jumped up with her book bag and ran to the door, opening up the door she saw the private standing on the front porch, he looked young, not much older than her, his forest green eyes brightened when he saw her, his dark brown hair shaved close until the top of his head, which was long enough to put in a ponytail. He was tall, and Kayle felt like she was even shorter than she already was. He was in the light grey uniform of squad one. The shirt was kind of tight, showing off his chest and biceps. Looking at his name patch, it read ‘Hixson.’  

“Well, Private Hixson, it’s nice to meet you,” Kayle stated, holding out her hand.

Private Hixson smiled and took her outstretched hand and shook it, “Ms. Easton.”

“Kayle.” She stated matter of factly,” Call me Kayle.”

“Alright, Kayle, we need to get going. Otherwise, my sergeant is gonna have my head for taking too long to get you back.” He smiled again, showing all his bright white teeth,

“Alright, let’s go.”

Kayle then recognized the deep green Jeep from the lab out in the driveway. The vehicle was loaded down with lights; a silver steel front bumper covered the grill and part of the fender wells of the front tires. Just by the looks of it, no one would have thought that it was used for something more than getting from point A to point to B. Private Hixson and Kayle walked down to the Jeep, and Private Hixson opened the passenger side door for Kayle, and she got in. Private Hixson walked around the front and got into the driver’s side, and started the Jeep. They drove down the street and turned left, heading to the lab.

Once they arrived, Kayle got out and walked into the building.  Kayle grabbed her I.D. card out of her book bag and placed it on the card scanner. The glass doors slid open, and Private Hixson and Kayle walked in. They walked door a long corridor of doors until they came up to the lab door. Scanning her card again, the scanner beeped, and the metal door finally opened, and they walked in. Two men looked up from what they were doing. When they both entered, one of the older men smiled and walked over to Kayle and hugged her.

“Hey, dad, anything I need to start on right now?” Asked Kayle.

“No, not right now. Finish up any homework you need to do and then come back in here, and I’m sure that I can see if there is anything you can do.” Stated her father as he went back to what he was doing with his microscope.

Kayle nodded and then walked further into the facility to the tables and started to work on her homework. Once she finished her English assignment, she started on her math. That’s when Private Hixson walked into the break room straight to the fridge. He grabbed a bottle of water and then sat down at the table with Kayle. His green eyes met hers, and Kayle blushed a little.

“So, how have you been?” Asked Private Hixson as he took a swig of his water.

“Good, you’ve changed a lot since I last saw you. Have you been doing raids overseas?” Questioned Kayle.

“Yea, it was fun for a while but then it all just kind of just went meh.” He explained, “It was, however, nice to be able to visit different countries while I was over there. Never would have been able to do that if I would have stayed where I was before coming here.”

Kayle giggled and continued her math work; finishing her math, she sat back and sighed, placing her hands behind her head. Looking over at Private Hixson, Kayle watched as he polished off the bottle of water. Looking over at the laptop, Kaye contemplated doing it tonight or this weekend. ‘Besides, it doesn’t have to be turned in till Monday, ’ thought Kayle.

Kayle got up, went over to the fridge, got two bottles of water out, gave one to Private Hixson, and walked over to the back door; she placed her hand on the handle and looked back at him; he nodded to her and smiled. Nodding toward the door, she walked through, and Private Hixson got up and followed her. Kayle walked down the steal-walled hall until she got to a kitchen.

“Kayle, what are you doing?” asked Private Hixson, looking around the room full of fridges.

“I have to get the experiments fed.” Stated Kayle, looking around to see him leaning up against the doorway.

“How long do you normally keep them?”

“As long as they are viable and needed.” Stated Kayle.

Kayle quickly finished up their meals for the experiments and placed them on a cart.

“Want to come help me?” Asked Kayle to Private Hixson.

“I don’t know. I deal with those things out there. I don’t see why they need to be fed after what they have done to people. I think I’ll stay right here.” Stated Private Hixson, crossing his arms across his bulging chest.

“Fine, they all aren’t that bad. Some didn’t even do anything to humans. So, I believe that every one of these ‘people’ are entitled to eating.”  Giving Private Hixson a disgusted look, and walked away.

Private Hixson watched as Kayle walked away from him. Shaking his head, he turned and walked back the way he came from with Kayle.

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