Chapter 3: Private Down

Trigger strolled down Crescent Rd following an old scent the girl from the concert had previously left. Stopping underneath a giant oak, he listened to the conversation that was going on in the upstairs bedroom. It seemed to be interesting as he could only hear one side of the conversation. Surveying the house, he saw different species of plants beside the brick porch with an elegant sidewalk with solar-powered lamps running down it. The house itself had windows from floor to ceiling and giant round pillars holding the balcony up with beautifully wrought iron railings surrounding the whole house. Glancing at the mailbox, Trigger read:

                                               Mr. and Mrs. Glass

                                                153 Crescent RD

Looking up, Trigger saw the silvery moon come out from behind a cloud. The transformation didn’t hurt much more than when he would shift like usual. Starting to pull off his jacket and t-shirt so that he would not shred them into a million pieces, his face began to elongate along with his teeth, ears, and claws on his hands. Black-greyish hair started to sprout all over his body other than his chest area and torso that changed to a charcoal color while his chest and torso area bulged with more muscle. Loud ripping sounds broke through the night air as his fitted jeans shredded instantly. His hind legs were lengthening, making him taller with his knees bent forward, and his thick bushy tail emerged from behind him. A fierce growl rumbled deep in his chest as his eyes turned completely silver; he stood erect as he turned his head upwards to the moon and howled. Being out under the moon gave him more power in his wolf form than when he shifted in his natural state. In this form, he looked more like what the humans imagined what werewolves would look like. Sniffing the air, he turned quickly to see five men turn onto the street.

“My radar is picking up a body,” whispered a man.

Trigger turned from the Glass residence and ran into the woods on the other side road.


Stalking quietly in the woods, the five men stopped in a clearing. Each man slowly took in his surroundings. The undergrowth and trees kept the light of the moon from illuminating the forest floor. Luckily, they could see in the clearing as they huddled together in a circle, their backs facing each other. The man with the radar watched the screen as he noticed a 6th heat signature a few hundred feet from them; up above, a buzzing sound cut through the silence of the night.

“The signature is still near, be careful but spread out. This monster needs to be captured tonight,” stated the man holding the radar, giving hand signals for everyone to spread out.

Trigger watched as the rest of the men raised their guns and slowly circled the clearing; he roughly sized the men up. The biggest of them was on the other side of the clearing. But the one with the high-powered rifle was creeping his way to his tree. The man had a couple of pistols holstered on his torso, and it looked like he had grenades around his belt. The man was wearing a solid black military outfit with military-grade boots. Trigger smelled the anxiety emanating from the man.  Watching him walk underneath the tree that he crouched in, he realized that the man was also wearing night vision glasses as well. The man suddenly looked straight at him for a moment, and then realizing what he was seeing, the man fired his rifle—shooting eight rounds in his chest.

Trigger leaped from his perch in the tree and landed inches away from the man. Tearing the rifle from the man’s hands, Trigger swung his massive arm extending his claws as he dug them into the man opening his chest to the bone. The young man pulled out one of his pistols as he fell to the ground and fired another two rounds from the handgun as Trigger fled into the trees and undergrowth.

From where Trigger hid in the woods, he could see and hear the commotion taking place where the man was lying on the ground. Another man had made it to the bleeding soldier and Yelled out, “Private Dunn, get over here. We have a wounded!”

More men made it to where the soldier was; two were kneeling over him while the other two stood guard and watched the area.

“Sir, what about the werewolf?”

“We still have one more night to catch the bastard; after that, we will have to wait till the next full moon,” answered one of the men on the ground, “But right now. We have to get Private Hixson to the lab.”

Standing up, the medic and the rest of the group picked up Private Hixson on a makeshift cot and began to carry the man away from the scene.

“Sarg, I noticed eight rifle shells and two shells from his pistol on the ground. Private Hixson unloaded ten rounds in that mother fucker.” The biggest man in the group stated.

“Yeah, Sarg, don’t you think we need to find him before the authorities, or a bystander does?” asked another of the men.

“No, we need to get this man back to the lab pronto, and I’m not going to let only two of you go find that bastard. If it fled with that many rounds, we would need more than just a small platoon next time to get him.” Ordered the sergeant.

They made their way out of the woods back the way they came, away from the weakened Trigger. Placing a massive hand over the soaked flesh as he staggered out of the woods.


Kayle looked up from her experiment when squad one entered the back door of the facility. Running over to the burnett man, she asked, “What happened, guys?”

“Private Hixson encountered our werewolf, only the mother fucker didn’t go down before he cleaved the flesh from his chest.” Answered the sergeant.

“Get him on the table, and I’ll run and get my father,” Ordered Kayle as she turned and ran out of the room.

Running further back into the lab to find her father, she finally located him with one of the other doctors.

Huffing, Kayle breathed, “Father, you have to come quick squad one has a wounded! They are in the room that I was finishing up genetics.”

Kayle’s dad turned to look at her and said, “Stay here, daughter. Dr. Alexander, can you accompany me?”

The other doctor nodded, and they sprinted away to the genetics room.

 Staring around, Kayle noticed the table in the center; walking toward it, she sat down in one of the four chairs gathered around the table. Laying her head on her arms, Kayle closed her eyes. For the first time in two hours, she could finally rest her brain. Kayle’s brain couldn’t help but think of Trigger, the muscles in his arms, that deep husky voice, and his light blue eyes that had the sliver around his irises. ‘They must be contacts that he wears,’ she thought, ‘no manager in their right mind would manage a werewolf, and werewolves’ eyes only do that in their wolf state.’ Sighing, she opened her eyes and stared at a picture of the squads.

Father had added new members to Squads three and five. From when they had started over three years ago, they had to put down six men. ‘Now, if my father cannot save Private Hixson, he will be seven,’ thought Kayle.

Standing, she walked up to the oldest picture. She recognized John Brown. ‘He was a private in this picture,’ she sadly thought as she remembered the sad face of the man who was standing in the genetics room, ‘His first wounded.’

Suddenly, she thought of Trigger again. It was like a great wind brought him to her and wouldn’t let her stop thinking about him. ‘He probably already has a girlfriend, and if not, he had groupies,’ she thought, ‘all rock people do.’ Sighing again, she went to the door window. Looking out, she saw that Private Hixson was lying in one of the recovery rooms. Walking out the door, Kayle entered Private Hixson’s room. He had his eyes closed, and when the door snapped shut. She noticed that he had opened them.

“Hey, girl. What’s happening with you tonight?” asked Hixson, weakly following her with his eyes as she pulled a chair over to the side of the bed.

“Nothing much just went to a concert with my best friend, Lou-lou. Have you ever heard of Oathbreaker?” answered Kayle with a question.

“A little they sound pretty good. Private Swanson has a CD that he listens to that is by them. So, what did you think about them in person?”

“I don’t know; they seem pretty good. I really just went to find out what all the hype was about the lead singer since most of the girls at school seem to want to fuck him.” Answered Kayle with a scowl.

“What about you? He get you all hot and bothered too?” Asked Hixson with a frown.

“I mean, he’s gorgeous, don’t get me wrong, but I wouldn’t just throw myself at him to sleep with him. I want my first time to be for love. Besides, he has all kinds of groupies. I bet,” sighed Kayle as she watched his heart monitor.

“Kayle, you know most of the rock stars just want the freshest girls out there, instead of hitting the same ones all the time,” stated Hixson as he laid his hand on top of hers, “I wouldn’t want you to get into something like that.”

Kayle looked down at their hands, sighed, and pulled hers away. She did not want him to think that something was between them. She looked him in his forest green eyes; his face was paler than it was a couple of days ago because of so much blood loss.

“How did this happen? Why didn’t you fire your gun to defend yourself?” questioned Kayle as she sat back in the chair.

“I did, but he wouldn’t go down. I unloaded ten rounds in him. Four went into his chest.”

Kayle became confused. How does a werewolf not go down when shot with silver? Sliver was what killed them or maimed them. This one was different.

“We need to get this one in the lab. I need to run tests on this one. I hope that they are not evolving to be immune to silver,” she thought out loud as she rose from the chair and walked to the door. “There has to be something different about this one.”

“I did notice that his eyes were not like the others that we have caught,” Hixson spoke up.

Turning, Kayle gazed at Hixson, nodding for him to go on.

“This wolf’s eye was pure silver; it was kind of creepy in the dark. There is something definitely different about this one. He looked bigger, stronger than the others that we have caught.” Hixson continued staring at Kayle

“Ya’ll have to get that werewolf to me.”

“Don’t worry. Once I’m out of this bed. That bastard will be in a cage for the rest of his life.” Vowed Hixson.

Kayle nodded as she walked out of the room. Glancing at her phone, she saw a missed text from Lou-lou saying she had made it home. Kayle grinned and noticed the time. She had been here for over five hours. Walking back to the genetics room, Kayle grabbed her stuff and left the lab. She texted her dad, letting him know that she was heading home.  

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