Chapter 6: Seeing Her Again

It had been three weeks since Trigger had seen Kayle, knowing that she was around but couldn’t see her, was messing with his performance as he, Conor, and Mitch practiced for their last concert in town. Trigger rode back with Conor as they pulled into his driveway. They both saw that Conor’s brother Cody was standing near the garage.

“Let me out here. I’m gonna head home through the park.”

Conor unlocked the doors, and Trigger stepped out of the car, holding up his middle finger at Cody with a malicious expression on his face as he turned down the driveway and out of the gates. Reaching the park, Trigger noticed that he could faintly still smell her scent around him. He faintly smiled as he remembered almost kissing that perfect mouth of hers. Trigger noticed that his body was vibrating. He looked up and saw that the clouds had made way for the bright moon above him. He began to turn into a werewolf, not worrying about taking off his clothes as they started to rip an

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