Chapter 7: Wolf

Trigger, Kayle, and Conor drove through the city in the red and black chrome Bugatti towards the manor. The ride was quiet, the only sounds coming from the engine of the car. Kayle was looking at her hands in the car's back seat since she did not have her phone with her to message Lou-lou. Looking up, she noticed that Trigger was looking at her through the side mirror.

She grinned and then asked, “ Can I borrow someone's phone? I at least want to let my best friend know I’m not dead.”

The boys looked at each other, and Conor pulled out his phone and tossed it to her in the back seat. Kayle nodded to him and typed in Lou-lou’s number.

Hey, girl, this is Kayle, just wanted to let u know I lost my phone and that I’m w/ Oathbreaker. So I won’t be able to msg u until I get another phone. ☹ Anyways, if my dad asks don’t let him know who I’m with, otherwise he may go off the deep end. Smh. Msg you l8ter.

Kayle sent the message and reached f

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goodnovel comment avatar
yes Greymoon. I'm pretty sure the wolf is already smitten. ...
goodnovel comment avatar
SMK Ch7 - I like that Trigger is being honest with Kayle about his past actions. I’m sure he will change his ways now that he met Kayle. I’m loving his wolf - Greymoon is his name? I’m sure he will like it since Kayle was the one who gave it ...

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