Chapter 11: Private Hixson's Encounter

The sun had set on the group on the yacht. Lou-lou and Zac were sitting on a lounge chair making out, Stella and Mitch at the bow, and looked like they would fall overboard at any moment. Conor and Savanna had disappeared moments after the sun had vanished behind the trees. Trigger had Kayle straddling him on the chair, murmuring to her as he played with her hair. Kayle shivered as his hands held the back of her head.

“Want to get in the water?” Trigger asked, searching her eyes.

“People are still on the deck,”

“Are you chickening out on me, Sweetness?”

“No, but I don’t want everyone to know what we are doing,” Kayle stated, blushing as she looked at him.

“They don’t care, at least not Conor, Mitch, Stella, or Savanna. Now Lou-lou and Zac, on the other hand, I don’t know about,” Trigger grinned as he got up while carrying her.

Trigger made his way to the back of th

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