Alpha Kate
Alpha Kate
Author: Ellie Scott

Chapter One - Chapter Seven

Chapter 1

            Since the day she was born, Kate had been raised to be a strong Alpha within her father’s pack.  She was the first and only child born to her father, Alpha Jackson, and her mom, Luna Julia.  While there had been disappointment and heartache for her parents that they could not have more children, her parents believed strongly this was the desire of the Moon Goddess – that Kate was to become one of the few female Alphas to run a pack throughout the continent.

            From an early age, Kate was taught to fight.  She was taught to lead.  She was taught to love her pack.  And above all else her parents taught her to believe in herself and her wolf.  It was rare, in the werewolf world, to have a daughter embraced as the future Alpha; however, Kate’s father strongly believed in his daughter.  He believed she could be successful in whatever she did, and this included running the second largest pack in the Country.

            If anyone challenged her father’s beliefs, they were met with the opportunity to challenge the existing Alpha Jackson to take over the pack.  Nobody ever did.  Some left to join other packs.  The majority stayed and cheered for Kate through all of her accomplishments.  She was a gifted child and had went through school quickly. 

Before she turned 18, she had completed her high school education along with training to become a pack doctor.  Being a pack doctor was significantly different from being a human doctor but gruelling just the same.  She had always felt packs were at a disadvantage having to get their injured back to the pack hospital for care.  She felt the need for a mini triage centre in the field, so that they could avoid, where possible, casualties by being better prepared.  Assessing the injured quickly and assisting the most severely injured had resulted in less casualties for their pack. In fact, since she had implemented the practice six months ago, with support from Alpha Jacob, she had reduced fatalities by 90% and was getting closer to her 100% goal with every battle won.

Kate still wanted more education to support her role as Alpha.  As advanced as she was, it was sometimes hard to remember she was not 18 yet.  She had been preparing for her eighteenth birthday celebration with her mother, while also looking for strong online programs that would allow her to remain with the pack while continuing her education.  With so many degrees and opportunities being offered online, she was confident she would be able to continue with her plans and build more alliances with other packs throughout her region and beyond. 

Everyone knew that part of a pack’s success was the ability to grow and maintain successful alliances.  Kate had attended many of her father’s meetings throughout the past couple years and had learned first-hand why those alliances were important.  Being the second largest pack held responsibility.  When giving your word to an alliance you were committing your warriors as well to protecting those within the alliance. 

She would be ready to become Alpha at the age of 18.  Once her birthday celebrations were over in the coming days, she would go through the necessary steps to become Alpha.  That meant a lot of things but primarily it meant a lot of responsibility landing on her shoulders all at once. 

“Kate, what do you think of this color theme for your party?”, Luna Julia asked.  She was showing Kate a pink and white colored theme, which made Kate cringe.  Lune Julia wanted Kate’s birthday to be memorable.  She would be taking on responsibilities beyond her years and deserved this celebration. 

Laughing and hugging her mom, Kate laughingly joked, “Do you know me? How about emerald with gold accents?”.  Aside from being her favourite colors they were also the Golden Moon pack colors.  Surprising Kate, her mom quickly added, “Of course I know you darling – that’s why I already have your dress for you and the colors you love have already been ordered.  I was teasing you dear Kate.”

Going to her closet, she pulled out the most stunning gown for Kate – a fitted sleeveless, vee neck emerald-green cocktail dress that suited Kate’s cream-colored skin, her brown wavy hair with a natural highlights and her crystal green eyes, the dress suited Kate to a tee.  Quickly trying on the dress and swinging around she grabbed her mother, with tears in her eyes, thanking her, “I love it!” she squealed.  Laughing, Luna Julia quickly turns as she wipes tears from her eyes silently praying to the Moon Goddess for her daughter’s future.

Chapter 2

            Everyone knew that turning 18 was monumental in a werewolf’s life.  For a young werewolf, many shifted for the first time but more excitingly many found their mate.  A mate in their world was for life and was a blessing bestowed by the Moon Goddess. 

Because of her Alpha blood, Kate had first shifted at the age of 13.  Her wolf was named Shelby and was her personal confidant.  Shelby knew all of Kate’s secrets – her first crush, her fears, her wants and her deepest desire – to find a mate who would rule the Golden Pack at her side.  

As her alarm clock went off, Kate rolled over slapping the clock to the floor as it continued to go off.  Growling she rolled over in her king size bed and grabbed the alarm clock turning it off before throwing it against the wall.  As her best friend, Lily walked in just dodging the alarm clock, she started singing happy birthday.  Lily was her best friend and their Beta’s daughter. 

While Lily and Kate were best friends, Lily did not follow in Kate’s footsteps to become the future Beta.  Lily had an older brother, Reid, of a couple years and he had been training for that position.  Kate and Reid were also close friends and Kate was happy he would have her back through thick and thin. Reid had met his mate on his 18th birthday and was ready for the challenges that were to come as Beta to the Golden Moon pack. 

Jumping on Kate’s bed, Lily had a small, wrapped gift for Kate to open.  “Open it now Katey, open it now! I almost did not wait for your birthday to give it to you!”.  Wiping the sleep from her eyes and trying to focus, Kate hugged Lily before accepting the gift.  Yawning and trying to wake up just a bit more, Kate gave herself a shake.  Sitting up Kate realized it was her 18th birthday.  Jumping up on her bed she started bouncing, with Lily quickly joining, “It’s my birthday!”.  To say Kate loved birthdays would be an understatement.  As much as she was serious 99% of the time, she loved to be carefree and silly that other precious 1% of the time. 

Sitting down we bounce a couple times before Kate picks up Lily’s gift.  It’s beautifully wrapped but she still tears into the package.  Lily was the best gift giver and Kate could not wait to see what she came up with this year. Opening the box and pulling back the layer of tissue paper, I saw the most beautiful emerald-green pendant on a gold chain.  Tearing up Kate quickly hugged Lily and asked her to put it on her.  Going to her mirror Kate stares at the beautiful necklace – it matches her eyes perfectly, was my packs colors and made me feel grown up all in one.  “Lily, I am never taking this off – I love it!”, running into Lily’s arms. Lily laughs, “Well at least take it off before you shift!”. 

Agreeing with Lily, Kate turns back to the mirror and admires the necklace.  Lily had turned 18 a month before Kate but she still had not found her mate.  Not that a month was a long time to wait for a mate but in the werewolf world it could feel like a lifetime.  Lily was hopeful that Kate’s party would bring her mate to her.  Kate’s parents had invited teens from the local packs within our alliances to give the youth a chance to connect and possibly see a few matches be made that evening.

Chapter 3

Kate’s POV

            Getting dressed in my cocktail dress, with the perfectly matching necklace from Lily, I slip my black flats on before looking in the mirror.  I rarely wore heels – they weren’t practical for me and truthfully, I was a bit clutzy in them.  As amazing as my wolf was, we could not conquer heels just yet.  My hair was smooth and straight for the evening’s party. With minimal makeup – mascara and lip gloss - I was ready to go.  At 5’11” I was taller than the average girl my age but attributed that to my Alpha heritage.

I could hear the pop music from the party that had already started at the conference centre.  We lived in the packhouse with the Beta and Gamma families.  Our packhouse also had a floor of guestrooms for VIP guests.  It had a main general area for eating and entertaining.  Then that area broke off into wings for the various families that would live in residence.  The units were beautifully decorated and held a lot of history, while taking a more modern look over the years.

            We also had a hotel for guests to use when larger event were being hosted.  These were when we hosted special events such as galas, alliance discussions, Alpha meetings and more.  Tonight, we were celebrating my 18th birthday.  I hoped many of my friends found their mates tonight – I did not just want it to be magical for me, I wanted it to be magical for everyone.  I knew I would quickly be taking on the duties of Alpha shortly following my 18th birthday but for tonight I wanted to be like every other teenager – excited to turn 18 and excited for all the promises the future held.

            Hearing a quick knock on my door I open it to find my mother and father waiting for me.  My mother had tears in her eyes as she looked at me, “You are so beautiful Kate – my baby is 18 today.”  Hugging me tightly, my dad reminds my mom he is there as well, gently wrapping his arms around both of us, “I am proud of you Kate – proud of the young woman you have become and the leader you will be for this pack.”. 

            “Yet you have a bunch of guests who would like to get this party started as you young people like to say, so we should get moving,” my dad says as he lets go of my mom and me.  I look at my parents telling them, “You both look incredible.  Thank you so much for always believing in me and for being the most amazing parents.”  Wiping more tears, my dad clears his throat, “Okay enough of these tears, let’s get going.”. 

            Laughing as we go downstairs and the few minutes’ walk across to the convention centre, I laugh as I see Lily bouncing up and down.  In her hyper excited way, she was running to me and gave me a big hug whispering, “Let’s go find our mates!” 

            Running up the stairs we both step through the doors to this magical wonderland.  There are lights flashing with low lighting so people can still see one another.  There is a wall of food to the right side and in the centre are a bunch of people already dancing.  Ages ranged from teens and people into their 20’s along with some mated pairs serving as chaperones for the evening.  While some found their mates at 18, many were a couple years later to find that special someone.  So, it was not uncommon to see a range of youth at any event where the potential to find your mate existed.

            Wanting to be cool and moving slowly through the crowd, thanking people for being there I felt Lily shift from my side as she followed what I expected was the scent of her mate.  She turned frowning “false alarm” – putting my arm through hers we continue walking around the crowd and taking in the excitement.  We could see a couple of our school friends had met their mates. 

            From the intense stares at one another and the joy you could tell when someone met their match.

Chapter 4

Kate’s POV

            As the evening moved on, I saw Lily dancing with a stranger. As he slowly moved her to the music, she glanced my way with a thumbs up, I smiled giving her a thumbs up.  Clearly, he wasn’t her mate – she would have been screaming through our mind-link that kind of information.  Lily is the one person who always made lemonade from lemons.  She’ll enjoy her evening regardless of the outcome. 

            I was starting to feel a little defeated as I moved around the floor. I had danced with a few of my guests – as the guest of honor, it would have been rude to refuse.  It was no secret there were some guys who had been hoping they were going to be my mate.  Taking on the responsibility of a top pack would be a challenge and opportunity many would welcome.  Assuming that I would move to a Luna role within the pack, not fully understanding we would run the pack together.  Me as first Alpha and my mate would assume the role of second Alpha.  It’s not common, as we know there are few female Alpha’s, but it has worked in the right circumstances.  The mate bond only strengthens both Alphas and ensures the success.

            As I take a break from dancing, I see a couple of good-looking guys walking into the party.  Like some – they came fashionably late.  One of the men was a blessing from the Moon Goddess.  His golden hair slicked over to one side, chiseled face with a bit of facial hair and muscular body were breath taking.  He was taller than me, which was not unusual for a wolf but definitely stirred a bit of excitement in me. 

Before he caught me watching him, I turned slightly talking to the girl on my left.  She was from another pack, but we had been friends for a couple of years.  As I was speaking to her, I smelled this pine vanilla scent taking over my senses.  Vanilla was one of my favourite scents and I could not help but interrupt her turning to try and find the owner of that scent. 

My mystery guy had moved from the stairs so I could not see him anymore.  Without putting too much more attention on him I really wanted to find the owner of the pine vanilla scent.  The more I smelled it, the more I knew it had to be my mate.  As I moved through the crowd the scent got stronger. I gasped as the mystery guy was walking in a direct line toward me with a smile on his face.  As he got closer, the pine vanilla smell got stronger.  Shelby quickly started yipping Mate! Mate!  My excitement started to grow.

He came to stand right in front of me smiling and immediately introducing himself as Rafe Daniels, future Alpha of the Red Moon pack.  Smiling back, I slowly reached for his hand stating “Katelyn Adams, future Alpha of the Golden Moon pack.”.

Faltering he takes a step back, his smile dropping.  “Hell no - this cannot be happening!”.  As I take a step forward, I am confused by his reaction.  What did he mean, “this could not be happening?”. 

As I watched him, my stomach started to churn, my heart had a dull ache.  We were drawing a small crowd as the people in our area started to quiet, even the music felt like it had gotten quieter.  It was more likely I was zoning every sound out around me as I stood there perplexed at his response.  That moment when time is standing still as you realize this is a life-changing moment.  Lily rushes over to me, standing by my side obviously having heard a part of the humiliating conversation.

I stand there with my heart feeling like it was shattering in chest, my wolf Shelby stepping back in shock as well. 

Chapter 5

Rafe’s POV

I had been excited moving through the crowd to find the owner of the citrus smell as a female had caught my attention.  I could not believe how beautiful she was.  A cute round face, with the most beautiful green eyes twinkling in the light, full lips – perfectness.  Was that even a word? It was the only way I could describe her – simply stunning.

As we introduced one another the feelings that ran through me were at a pace I could not keep up with.  I could not believe this was the Katelyn Adams I had heard so much about.

“What do you mean “hell no”?” Kate demands.  “I mean hell no – we are not mates,” Rafe states harshly.  This is not what I imagined finding my mate would be like.  There is a definite draw to Kate but having a powerful partner that I would have to compete with was not what I envisioned for my future.  I envisioned a mate who would rely on me to protect her and cherish her.  Not Kate – the one who has been talked about for years and will never need those things from her mate.  The one who is expected to take over her pack, lead and fight with her pack.

No – nope – not happening.

Coming in late to the party – my guys and I figured it would be another wash of a party, so we didn’t rush.  We had humoured our parents in coming to the party in the first place.  Being 20 I had been waiting a couple years already for my mate and had been looking forward to what the Moon Goddess would send to me.  When we saw the crowd and the number of women in attendance, I admit we all got a little excited.  Things were definitely looking up for us.  Whether we found our mate or someone to enjoy the evening with – the night was ours.

I knew not long after arriving that something started tickling my senses.  As much as I brushed off the mate bond, I was a little excited to see where this led me.  As I maneuver through the crowd, I could suddenly smell the most delicious citrus scent that was drawing me to one particular lady who was turned slightly talking to a friend.

Before I knew what was happening, I was standing in front of the most beautiful woman I had ever laid eyes on.  She had not turned her head just yet, but I knew she knew I was there.  I could see her breathe catch and could hear her heartbeat faster.  As I reached out to touch her, she turned, and I knew I was blessed.  This woman would be mine – she was more beautiful than I had thought. Her smell tickling my senses.  Who was this woman? I needed to know who held my destiny in her hands.

As we introduced ourselves, “Katelyn Adams, future Alpha to the Golden Moon pack.”.  My heart plummeted.  I had heard of this young legend for the past few years.  My father had met her at various Alpha meetings and had always been impressed with her, her father and how the Golden Moon pack had been run.

I knew she was not for me.  I felt hurt by the Moon Goddess – she should have known me better and known what I was needed.  I felt betrayed by a traditional promise of ever-lasting love and commitment.  I was being ridiculous I know but I couldn’t help myself.  I could not stop the words that flowed from my mouth.

“I Rafael Daniels, future Alpha of the Red Moon pack hereby reject you Katelyn Adams, future Alpha of the Golden Pack as my mate and future Luna.” 

I could hear the gasps of confusion around me from those within ear shot of our conversation, but I had made my decision.  Without waiting I turned to go back into the crowd to connect with my friends.  I knew she was shocked, but I would not make the mistake of a lifetime tonight.  Regardless that it was her birthday or not; this would not happen.

Chapter 6

As there were quiet gasps at Rafe’s rejection I stood there grabbing my chest. It felt as if my heart was being broken one piece at a time.  I knew the mate rejection could be severe, but I could not have realized to what extent the pain would extend. 

Feeling light-headed I wanted to turn and run.  As Lily tightly grasped my hand and was turning with me, I heard the music stop and my father calling everyone’s attention to the front of the room.  Oh dear Goddess, please not now. But yes, it seems I had a little more to endure before I could take my leave and wallow in self-pity. 

My Dad beamed at the front of the room “My dear Kate, please join me on stage.”  As I wipe the tears I hadn’t realized were there, I walk to the front of the room and go up on stage with leaden feet.  My heart is aching, I am embarrassed and wondering what to do next when I start to hear everyone joining in and singing happy birthday.  The most amazing cake came out with three layers.  Lemon – my favourite – with the party theme colors trimming the beautiful cake. 

As the singing ended, I turned to the crowd thanking them for attending, for joining me in celebrating my 18thbirthday, for making the event extra special with their presence.  As I was wrapping up my speech, I raised a glass of champagne that I had not realized was put in my hand “to everyone finding their enchanted happy ever after”.  Everyone raised their glasses and took a sip.

One face caught my attention as I took a sip of my champagne – the smirking man who was to have been my mate standing there in all his glory with a she-wolf hanging off his arm.  I faltered as I turned back to my dad with a sick look on my face.  My dad turned and caught the smirk of the young man and wondered what had transpired between us to bring that look on his daughter’s face.  She did not want to engage in this conversation with her father right now.

He would need to know – being rejected in a pack as a future Alpha had serious implications.  There was the potential to become weakened as the Alpha.  Your strengths could be impacted.  You could become distracted and the pack could be jeopardized.  While she had worked a lifetime to take on this role, she knew she would never do anything to put her pack at risk.  She was a true leader and would recognize her weaknesses, if they were to surface.

As the evening wrapped up and the guests started to trickle out of the hall back to their hotel rooms, I started to feel a twinge in my chest.  A burn that I knew from hearing the old wives’ tales, indicated my mate had not only rejected me, but he was also betraying me with another.  I was strong and hoped I could endure the pain that was inevitable as I quickly thanked my parents for an amazing evening. 

Lily had been my shadows for the past couple of hours and she quickly grasped my hand and helped me get to my room without anyone realizing what was happening.  Thanking her and assuring her I would be fine, she turned to leave.  As a Beta her family also lived in the pack house with us but in another wing.  Shutting the door behind her I moved forward in my room.

As I let out a gasp, the pain intensified, and tears started to flow from my eyes.  Knowing I was in for a long night of pain, I took off my beautiful dress which sadly I now hated and went to the shower turning the water on cool to try and ease the burning in my body.  I stayed in the shower for quite some time knowing this was a short-term fix.  I had to move out of the shower and get into bed so I could get my breathing under control.  The last thing I wanted was to make anyone aware what was happening.

With Alpha blood I was strong and was committed to getting through this night on my own.  I had been injured before – broken bones, cuts in my skin and pieces of flesh having been bit off by a rogue wolf.  I would withstand this evening as I had many times before and would be stronger in the morning for it.

I mind-linked my dad asking him for a meeting first thing tomorrow morning.  I needed to see him to guide me in figuring out how we would proceed.  Agreeing on a time I quickly shut down the mind-link as another wave of pain gripped me.

Chapter 7

Kate’s POV

            Slowly coming around first thing in the morning I wondered where I was.  I am alone.  That first moment of waking is blissful – I do not remember what happened last night and just enjoy the moment of peace. 

            As I slowly wake up, I remember.  I remember yesterday was my birthday, I remember my gift from Lily, I remember my parents’ excitement, I remember the party – all of which was on fast forward to that fateful moment when I am rejected.  

“I Rafael Thomas, future Alpha of the Red Moon pack hereby reject you Katelyn Adams, future Alpha of the Golden Pack as my mate and Luna.” 

Why?  Why had he rejected me? He seemed like he knew me, yet I have never laid eyes on him before last night.  Yet he had been dedicated to hurting me as much as possible.  I didn’t think I would survive last night. I almost broke down and called for my mother, but I held on.  I was still feeling the effects and was not ready to share what I had been experiencing. 


But it was time to face that music.  I looked at my clock and realized I had about 20 minutes to get ready for my meeting with my father.  As I scrambled to get dressed, I threw on my favourite pair of black skinny jeans with holes in them with a t-shirt and hoodie over that.  I still felt the chill of what I had experienced and wanted to be warm and comfortable.

            Stopping to grab coffee in a to-go cup and a blueberry muffin from the main dining hall, I waved to some of our members wishing them good morning.  I could not begrudge those around me – it wasn’t in my nature to be nasty.  No matter what was happening inside.  I even saw some new people I didn’t recognize, assuming they were new mate connections made the night before.

I was heading toward my dad’s office when I heard some voices coming from the room.  As I got closer one sound, and smell was, familiar, aside from my dad.  The color started to drain from my face as I pushed the door open and saw my worst nightmare sullenly sitting there looking straight ahead. 

Rafe was sitting in one of the chairs in front of my dad’s desk.  He could not even spare me a glance as I am sure he knew I had entered the room.  Another gentleman was standing off to the side of Rafe.  From his stance I could easily see he was upset.  I did not recognize him as one of the chaperones from the night before and had no idea who he was.  I could tell from his energy he was trying to contain his anger.  Whoever this man was he was a man of influence.  He could command a room – clearly from Alpha blood.  And for some reason he was invested in Rafe at that moment.

Turning as he realized I had entered the room the unknown man had a soft look on his face that took in the dark circles under my eyes.  He had a questioning look of surprise that I was standing before them.  I knew he knew.  He knew of my humiliation.  Somehow this man knew what had happened and from the look on my dad’s face this man had shared this information with him before I arrived. 

How could this have happened and why? I could not imagine Rafe sharing the details of his rejection.  Perhaps he was bragging to his friends about his accomplishments this morning.  Although now that I looked at him, Rafe was still wearing the clothes he had on from the last evening.  He had not had time to really brag about anything.

“Gentlemen, my apologies.  I thought I was having a private meeting with my father.  Clearly I have walked in on something that might require my attention.”  Putting my muffin on my father’s desk I hold my coffee cup to warm my freezing hands and keep them busy, so I don’t fidget.  I take the other seat in front of my dad.  I did not wait for an invitation. I had not had to ask permission to join a meeting in the past couple years and I would not start now.  It was not my way, and I would not change for the sake of making everyone comfortable.

Looking up at my father was one of the hardest things I had to do.  I could tell from the sad look on his face, he wanted to hug me and make everything better.  I gave him a slight nod indicating I was alright for now and to please continue. I had made the resolve to stay strong and he respected that.

As I turned to acknowledge the mystery man I again stood and held out the hand not holding my coffee cup.  He reached forward, in front of Rafe, taking my hand and lingering momentarily as I introduced myself.  “I am Katelyn Adams, I would say it’s nice to meet you; however, that would be a lie under the circumstances.”.  I introduced myself with my full name – I felt it provided a buffer to protect me. 

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Rafe smirk when I used my full name knowing full well everyone called me Kate.  As I paused the gentleman continued holding my hand introducing himself, “It’s very nice to meet you Katelyn Adams, although the circumstances are not ideal.  My name is Boyd Maxwell from the Red Moon Pack.  I am Rafe’s Uncle and I believe we have some business we regrettably need to discuss this morning.” 

Boyd was a very engaging man.  He was easily 6’4”, with dark brown hair, kept shorter with a messy look.  Piercing blue eyes looked at me and he was clearly in his mid 20’s.  Clearly, he was much younger than Rafe’s father; however, he carried a level of maturity that was missing in Rafe.  He was an attractive man.  I could not help but wonder what he was doing here and why would he care about an 18-year-old girl being rejected and potentially having a broken heart.  Although the more I thought about it, the more surreal it was.  It was rare to hear of an Alpha being rejected.

In the pack hierarchy an Alpha is similar to a president.  The Beta is the vice-president, and the Gamma would be third in line should something happen to the Alpha and / or Beta.  If it was not for the fact that I would look crazy, I would almost find myself laughing hysterically at the situation I found myself in.  The irony was not lost on me.

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