Chapter 9

Kate POV

            My father started to explain to me why he decided it was important to have Rafe and Boyd join our early morning meeting.  He felt it was something too important not to address together.  As we sat there and surprising everyone in the room, I agreed with my father advising him it was my intention to discuss this situation with him, so this was acceptable to me.

            I decided to start as I hated the silence and the feeling of pity coming from the gentleman with Rafe.  My father knew better than to pity me – he still saw a strong young woman when he looked at me and he knew I had never liked to be pitied or coddled growing up.  I was raised to be a strong Alpha and a strong warrior. 

            “I am not clear why either Mr. Daniels or Mr. Maxwell are here, but I can assure everyone Mr. Daniels was quite clear last evening in his rejection of the mate bond.” I stated.  “I do understand we have some unfinished business as he left before we could complete that ritual.”.  I started to turn in my seat when Boyd, the gentleman who had accompanied Rafe, interrupted.

            “I think there was a hasty mistake last evening Katelyn,” Boyd states.  “My nephew has limited appreciation for what it means to find your mate.  His father and I are both disappointed with how your first meeting went with him, but we hope with a bit more time, you will allow him to rescind his rejection of the mate bond, for the better of you both and your packs.” 

            I sat there in complete shock staring at Boyd like he had grown two heads.  I saw Rafe put his head in his hand, mumbling “no, no, no,”.  I admit no was running through my head as well, but I did not understand this intervention by his father and uncle.  It angered me that Rafe was still saying no, yet Boyd and possibly my father were serious.  Looking between my father and Boyd, I asked “what do you mean for the better of us both?”. 

            Looking a little uncomfortable Boyd turned to my father who stepped in, “Kate, the fact is that when you break the mate bond you become weaker over time.  With both you and Rafe being Alphas, you will feel that break stronger than others would feel it.  It would jeopardize the packs, alliances and has the potential to result in challenges when you both take over your packs.” 

            “I am aware that there is potential to become weaker and to jeopardize the pack.  It was my intention to speak with you privately to discuss how we mitigate that risk.  I do not believe forcing Rafe to do something he does not want to do, is the answer.”  With a startled look, Rafe looks in my direction, “What?”.

            Sighing I actually look at Rafe for the first time since I had arrived in the room.  “Do you really think I want to be with someone who is so adamant they do not want me?  Do you think I am so overwhelmed by you, that I cannot see my future without you? I saw my future without you quite easily last evening.  Particularly when you were fucking some she-wolf last evening.” 

            Looking sheepishly Boyd mumbles “Sorry – I did not realize it would affect you.”  Alpha Jacobs angrily interrupts “Has this young pup been taught nothing Boyd?!?  How does he not know the effect of his actions on his mate?”.  Boyd is shaking his head, “I simply do not know Alpha Jacob.  I can assure you I have spoken with my brother who has realized Rafe has some learning that will take place when he returns home.”

            Interrupting the conversation Rafe jumps in, “Kate – it is not that I do not want you.  You are a stunning, accomplished woman.  I simply want a woman who really needs me.  You will never need your mate that way.  I want someone who will defer to me and be my Luna.  It was never personal.”.

            “Not personal?  That sounds pretty personal.”  Pausing to reflect on how she feels about what Rafe stated Kate wipes a single tear that she had not realized was rolling down her cheek.  “The thing is Rafe, for the right mate I could have been all those things and more.   You never gave me a chance and now that I know how you feel, I accept that you are not the mate for me.  I need a strong mate, who can let me be all that I can be and support me while I would have supported him.  That’s not you.”

            Moving to interrupt Kate Rafe stands to stop Kate from what he fears will come next.  Realizing the mistake he made, Kate steps out of his reach toward her father.  While Boyd also tries to stop what is about to happen, Kate looks at Rafe solemnly.  “I Katelyn Adams, future Alpha of the Golden Moon Pack acknowledge and accept your rejection Rafe Daniels, future Alpha to the Red Moon Pack.”

            Even before finishing the acceptance of the rejection Rafe had grabbed his chest starting to fall as Boyd pushed him back down in his chair.  Kate grabbed the side of her father’s desk turning to him, “We can continue our discussion further this afternoon once our guests have left.”  Her father sadly agreed with her while Kate turned to leave the room. 

            She left but not before Boyd saw the tears starting to fall as she made, what he expected, was her exit to her private room.

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Ariana Clair
pity the uncle wasn't her mate
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I'm loving the storyline so far but the jumping about on pov mid paragraph is really distracting as is the use of incorrect names.
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Marrie Mitipelo
Oh... Boy. It iz very clear How immature Rafael is... Rafe. Until Katelyn rejects him... Hahaaaa... But.. She still feels pain. Boyd.

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