Chapter 21

Kate POV

            “Rogues?” Drake asked.  “Have you been able to determine if they are affiliated with any specific Pack?”.  As Drake looked at both of us, I was perplexed, and my father was uncomfortable.  How would anyone know what Pack exists in the rogue world?  Nobody associated with them, that’s why they are considered rogues.

            Kate shook her head and started, “We have had three attacks over the past few weeks.  Every time we have taken one captive, we have got nothing from them as to why they are here or what their end game is.”.  Kate continues, “We have had some minor disturbances from no rogues as well – lost wolves from other Packs who have stumbled onto our borders.  We have alliances with their Packs, so we returned them without hesitation.  While this

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Fingers crossed that Alpha Kate will show just how Strong She Is.
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don't like drake

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