Chapter 24

Kate POV

            “He’s coming for you Kate, just you wait, he’s coming for you!” runs through my head as I finish my training with Reid and John, a week later.  With the rogue attacks we had increased our training time to two hours a day versus our usual one hour.  We wanted to be prepared for any future attacks and that preparation came from training for all scenarios. 

Drake had returned a couple days after the original interrogation; however, we were unsuccessful in acquiring any new information.  It seemed the rogue understood he had said too much and had pulled back significantly.   Somehow there was pressure on him coming from somewhere – perhaps his own conscience – it is hard to tell.

We had decided to keep him alive for now.  With his first night in captivity, we had learned a lot and thought there may

Ellie Scott

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Linda G
I thought Boyd was the beta with rafe being the future alpha. same for her dad as you call him alpha Jacob's but then Jackson in other references. changing names and titles gets confusing

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