Chapter 94

Colby POV

            I was a little anxious thinking Kate had made a decision about the future.  I know she was happy with Amelie, now that we had gotten everything straightened out.  I was thankful to the Moon Goddess that I had got there in time to help her deal with the wolves.  I have no doubt Kate would have fought them off, but not being able to shift would have made it that much harder.

            And because she had to deal with that situation as a result of my own Pack member, caused me immense guilt.  I don’t know what I would have done if Kate had been seriously hurt or worse.  If I could, I would kill Jessica again for what she did. 

            As I sit in my room, I can hear the giggles from Kate and Amelie from down the hall.  Deciding to head

Ellie Scott

Thank you for supporting Alpha Kate. As we near the end, I am loving the dialogue with you. For the question around Drake - I've considered giving him his own story as well. Let me know your thoughts and I'll decide if I end it in here or if we give him his own story. We will see bits of Kate and Colby's lives as we move through Lily's story and possibly Drake's story. So you might not see an epilogue jumping ahead a couple years. Thanks so much for your support! New chapter tomorrow. Ellie xo

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goodnovel comment avatar
I’d love to see where Drake’s story goes!! He never seemed like a bad guy and I am really curious what’s going on with this 3rd sister/ Lucy situation
goodnovel comment avatar
So happy for Kate!! Yay yay yay! Finally she has things fall in places…as ling as Reid and John agree but can’t think of any reasons they would say no. Hope Reid is trustworthy to keep the seat warm for Kate and Colby’s future second pup.
goodnovel comment avatar
Let’s see more of alpha cake and let’s see her and Colby Alpha Colby and her call Alpha because she can be call Luna and call Alpha with her pack she’s amazing this is an amazing story the best let’s have a sequel

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