Chapter 97

Kate POV

            The alliance meeting had gone very well.  Once Alpha Drew got past all the Boyd crap, and the fact that I was still going to be a co-Alpha to my Pack, he was on board.  It sweetened the deal that we were joining our alliance with the larger alliance of Colby’s Pack.  Everyone was quite excited about the opportunity this alliance would provide.

            It was agreed that every Pack in the alliance would meet with their own smaller Packs within their alliances to ensure they followed the rules of the Silver Crescent Pack.  Failure to do so could result in either the smaller Pack member being removed from the alliance, or the Pack in the alliance of six could be removed.  Needless to say, nobody wanted to be removed.

            Where this was a sh

Ellie Scott

Thank you for continuing to support Alpha Kate. Creating her story has been exciting. Hope you've enjoyed it as well. One more chapter and we should be wrapped up ... for now ;). Be sure to leave a comment or review. Ellie xo

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Marrie Mitipelo
Thank you So much for this "Never a dull moment" Book...!!! BRAVO!!! .........
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Linda G
Colby, she's been with 2 guys. you've probably been with way more she-wolves and she was only with drake months vs your 2+ yrs with Jessica.
goodnovel comment avatar
Absolutely loved this book. I like the "for now" hehehe. cant wait for the next

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