The Forbidden Apple
The Forbidden Apple
Author: Crystal L


“What’s your name?” The woman asked smiling, Kiara knew the woman. Well, everyone knew the woman, Iris Brooks, the woman was married to the richest man in England, Adrian Brooks. The woman’s blue eyes met Kiara’s green ones.

“Kiara, Kiara Adams” Kiara said looking down at her feet. The woman’s friends were all looking at Kiara who cowered. She feared losing her job and being called by to the table by the woman, she was frightened “Mrs. Iris, if I did anything wrong, I apologize, but please…”

“Mrs. Iris is very much pleased with your work, Kiara” my manager said stopping the worried girl who frowned in confusion looking at him. The manager had hired her after she begged him to, having lost three jobs already, the girl couldn’t afford losing the forth. She had a sister to take care of, as well as rent to pay. That is at least until her sister got her first pay check.

“Yes, I spoke to Mr. Gustave and was wondering if you were interested in working as a waitress in the Brooks company. My husband has a strict diet and I need someone to tend to his needs when I’m not with him and you know, when he’s at work. Well, I can’t really be sure what he is or he’s not eating and I don’t want him getting ill” Mrs. Iris said casually. Her friends looked at her with envy, everyone who knew the woman was impressed by her, the way she walked, talked, dressed. The woman was always the center of attention wherever she went.

“Me? But…”

“I am willing to offer you triple what you’re being paid here. Whatever the job is, and you’ll also be my concierge during my events during the weekends, and I’ll be paying you a hundred pounds per hour for the job” Mrs. Iris said stopping Kiara from questioning anything, she wanted to be sure that the girl accepted the job. But she didn’t want her questioning her, she simply wanted her to accept, and by making such offers, she knew that there was no way that the girl would reject her offer.

“Of course, I’d love to work for you Mrs. Iris, but what if you don’t like my work? or your husband? You know, I have never been inside a company let alone worked in one” Kiara said looking at the woman with frightened eyes, she didn’t want to lose the offer. But she wasn’t going to lie about her abilities, the girl hadn’t even entered college, the chance that she had escaped her fingers when her mother sent her and her sister to London. The two were to find a way to survive and Kiara wanted her sister to complete her studies, to go to college and get a degree. Therefore, she made the choice to work double and sometimes triple shifts to be able to get enough income to pay for her sister’s university fees, rent, water and electricity, and of course, for them to be able to survive the tough, expensive life of London.

“A training will be offered by my maid Maria, don’t worry about that. She will let you know how everything goes, she’ll show you what to do and what not to do, the job should be easy for a smart girl like yourself” Mrs. Iris was a sweet talker, everyone knew that. Even Kiara, magazines were always filled with her pictures and different comments from her. She loved being in the spotlight, at least that is what Kiara saw “this is my driver’s number, if you’re interested, call him and he’ll pick you up wherever you are and bring you over. Maria will explain everything to you and you can start with your first job as my concierge. I’ll see how you are and we’ll discuss further details”

“And if you don’t like the job, your place is always open in the restaurant whenever you wish to return. I already spoke to Mr. Gustave and he’s agreed to my terms, you don’t need to worry” Mrs. Iris said smiling.

“We all know that she’s the best in her job, otherwise you wouldn’t have chosen her Iris” A woman, Mrs. Iris’s friend, Kylie, said smiling at me. Her brown eyes met Kiara’s green ones as she moved her hand in front of the women while she spoke, clearly showing off the ring and watch she had on. Another thing that Mrs. Iris didn’t do, the woman never showed off what she wore. At least not in front of media, but everyone spoke of her beauty.

“It would be an honor working for you Mrs. Iris, thank you so much for this opportunity. I won’t let you down” Kiara said and the women looked at one another, both of them smiling as they watched the girl who was about to jump from excitement. The amount was larger than any that she’s ever earned. Hell, the job that she was working offered one of the highest minimum wages she’s ever earned.

“Well then, I should be expecting you tomorrow” Mrs. Iris said smiling and Kiara nodded at her. Mr. Gustave smiled at Kiara and put his hand on thee woman’s shoulder, he squeezed it gently and Kiara looked at him.

“Kiara, go out the door without telling anyone of anything. Pick up your things and just go” Mr. Gustave said lowly, he obviously didn’t want the other workers to know of this, they would be jealous and might cause an issue that he didn’t want in front of the costumers.

“Alright, I’ll see you tomorrow Mrs. Iris”

“Until tomorrow, Kiara darling”

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