Chapter 5


“You must be Kiara” a woman wearing a black dress and apron said opening the door for me, I smiled and nodded at her as she opened the door wider for me to walk inside the Brooke’s mansion. The house was bigger than it was in the numerous magazines it was pictured on. I couldn’t imagine anyone being able to clean the place on his own. But then again, I’m guessing that they could easily hire a bunch of maids to clean the place for them.

“I am Maria, I will give you the outfit you’ll be wearing and I’ll explain the details of your job here, Mrs. Iris would explain to you what she wants you to do at the company” Maria said and I nodded taking a deep breath as I looked around the house, imagining what it would be like living in a place like this was almost an impossible dream for me. The house was huge, and would fit at least fifty or sixty people easily, no wonder these people rarely rented a place to hold their events. The inside of the house itself was huge, and I was yet to see the yard.

“Alright, is there a place where I can change my clothes?” I asked and Maria nodded showing me to the bathroom. My eyes went wide the second I entered it, bloody hell the bathroom was even more expensive than the whole apartment Grace and I lived in. It was impossible how these people lived in this place so casually, the place could match a palace. Shaking my head at myself, I changed my clothes and tied my hair in a bun since Maria had her hair tied in a bun, folding my clothes, I walked out of the bathroom to find Maria fixing a plate in the kitchen.

“Um, sorry…” I said awkwardly, I didn’t know where to put my clothes, and I knew that I couldn’t just leave them here in the kitchen. I wouldn’t even do that in MY house let alone a stranger’s place. Maria looked at me and instantly understood my worry, nodding at a closet behind the kitchen’s door, it was an empty closet. Just a coat hanged there, and I nodded putting my clothes on one of the shelves along with my bag, my phone was inside my pocket in case Grace called.

“Today, a few friends of Mrs. Iris are coming, now remember as there can’t be any mistakes. Otherwise, both you and me will lose our jobs” Maria said and I nodded listening to her instructions. What to give and what not to, who to serve first, and Mrs. Iris being the host would be the last served. How to prepare a proper dining table and where to put everything, she had everything ready and set. They simply needed heating before lunch and we’d have them set on the table, the table itself was ready and set. According to Maria, one of the crystal glasses were for the cocktails, alcohol wasn’t consumed during the day, and there was another one for water. I had to be accurate and I couldn’t mix the two.

“How would I know who to give what, what if one of them doesn’t want a certain glass of juice or the glasses are done…”

“There are four types of juice, enough for all of them, don’t worry about that” Maria said and I nodded taking a deep breath to calm myself down, this was more intense than simply working at one of the restaurants where the costumer would simply make his or her order and I would be serving them easily.

The door of the house was knocked and Maria walked toward it, opening it for Mrs. Iris to walk inside. I looked at the woman who was wearing a white coat over her shoulders, she wore sunglasses which she took off as Maria took her coat and hung it inside the closet. The woman already had her makeup ready and the driver walked inside carrying what looked like a dress coming from the laundry. I had to admit that I was amazed and I couldn’t help but envy the woman, she had everything that a girl could ever wish for, whether it was power, wealth, or beauty. She had it all.

“Kiara, darling, nice to see you here” Mrs. Iris said and I smiled at her, I wouldn’t have missed out on a job like this one, it was considered easy money for me. A few hours which would help me earn a whole lot more than any job I have worked in throughout my whole life, and I have been working for quite a while, in different jobs, with different people. But none gave me an offer like this or even close to it.

“Thank you, Mrs. Iris, Maria just finished explaining the details to me, I won’t let you down” I said smiling, the woman nodded and walked up the stairs, a boy looking about seventeen or eighteen walked down the stairs and he frowned in confusion when he caught sight of me before he shook his head and looked at Mrs. Iris who was going up the stairs.

“You are?” He asked.

“Kiara, sir, Mrs. Iris hired me to help out Maria today” I said and the kid raised his eyebrow but nodded not saying a word. His eyes looking at Maria who looked down at her feet avoiding his eyes.

“Would you need me to get you anything Mr. Daniel?” Maria asked and the kid shook his head, his eyes looking at me once again before he walked back up the stairs where he originally came.

“Is something wrong? Did I say or do something to offend him?” I asked confused and Maria shook her head at me as she smiled softly seeing my worry and concern.

“Come on, let’s get everything ready. The guests should be here any minute” Maria said and I nodded heading back inside the kitchen and helping Maria fix the small tables that were in the living room.


“Iris indeed made the right choice choosing the girl, look at how flexible she is. She really does know what she’s doing” I heard one of Mrs. Iris’s friends say, the woman was with her at the restaurant when she offered me the job. I smiled and entered the living room, serving the women with juice and Mrs. Iris smiled at me.

“Yes, it’s hard finding proper, good workers these days, most of them would take months of training” another woman said and I pretended not to hear them as I walked from woman to woman handing her the drinks, and finally Mrs. Iris. It was almost seven in the evening and the guests had already had their late lunch and were simply sitting in the living room as they talked. Well, more like gossiped.

“But you know Iris is a natural in whatever she does. Her skills cannot be denied”

I walked out of the living room and headed back to the kitchen, helping Maria fix things in the kitchen just as the house’s door was knocked. Both Maria and I frowned in confusion but she smiled “it must be Mr. Adrian”

She walked toward the door and opened it, and following her, I was curious to see Mr. Adrian in person. I’ve seen him in pictures of magazines, the internet, and newspapers. But never in real life.

However, my eyes widened when my eyes met the familiar brown eyes of a certain blonde, he bit his bottom lip and he nodded before walking inside the house without saying a word. He walked inside the living room and I heard the guests greeting him as they got up, he was being polite as he spoke to them, and Maria nodded at me to take a drink for him, something that I didn’t want to do. But I knew that I had to.

I thought he said that he didn’t live here? He was invested in his father’s companies…

Shaking my head at the thoughts, I picked up the tray and walked toward him, his brown eyes met my blue ones as I handed him his glass. He smiled and took it, taking a sip of the glass. His mum looked at me then at him before she turned to look at her guests who were distracted in whatever conversation they were having.

“You and me have to talk” Thomas whispered, I was about to answer but he shook his head at me to stay quiet. He was right, this wasn’t the place to argue with one another. Especially not in front of his mum and her guests.

I walked out of the living room, careful not to drop the tray from my hands as my hands shook. The memory of what Thomas told me was fresh in my memory, the fact that he was here in front of me.

What did you expect, Kiara? This is his parents’ house…

Taking a deep breath, I forced myself to calm down as I knew that I needed to get things done. I needed this job and I wasn’t going to lose it because of Thomas.

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