Chapter 7


I entered the house after a very long day of working at the Brooke’s mansion, Mrs. Iris was sure to instantly pay me after giving Thomas his drink, and asked me to leave a few minutes later saying that I did a good job and that she didn’t want to exhaust me anymore. Not that she did, I was happy doing what I was.

“Grace! I’m home!” I called as I walked through the door, taking off my jacket, having changed back to my own clothes before leaving the Brooke’s house knowing that I couldn’t possibly get on the bus with maid’s clothes on, I would most likely be harassed and I didn’t want that. Mrs. Iris thankfully didn’t mind me leaving the house in my normal clothes. I later learned from Maria that not even she left the house with maid’s clothes on, these people really did treat their workers as humans rather than slaves.

“I’m in the living room” she called and I walked to the

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