Chapter 32


My vision blurred as I processed what Kiara had said.

Mum who was in front of me froze as she took in my angered expression.

“Kiara, love, where are you?” I asked trying to calm my voice, she was already as nervous as she was, I didn’t need to add to the burden. I waited until she responded, my eyes fixed on the wall in front of as I avoided mum’s eyes.

“Still in front of the building, they’re bringing out my things…” she broke down again and I hummed in response.

“Love, stay where you are, I am coming to get you. I will not take no for an answer right now” I said nodding at mum to follow me. She didn’t question me and the two of us walked toward the elevator, though her eyes remained fixed on me as she waited for me to hang up for her to understand what was happening.

“Okay, I’ll be here”

“It’s going to be fine, baby, I just want

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