Chapter 33


I sat on the floor hugging my knees as I cried.

My weight couldn’t even carry me further away from the door, therefore, I leaned toward the door as I sobbed my eyeballs out.

How could he have believed that I would be thinking of such a thing?

“Kiara?” Grace’s voice forced me to pull my head up. Especially when she ran toward me and sat on her knees beside me, cupping my cheeks as she forced me to look at her “love, what happened?”

“Grace, try helping her up, I’ll make her something warm to drink” I heard her boyfriend’s, aka boss’s, voice.

“Come on, love, you heard Christopher, let’s get you to the living room” she said softly pulling me up to stand on my feet which were barely lifting me. She helped me walk to the living room, my vision blurry from the tears that fell from my eyes.

We sat down on the couch before Grace wrapped her arm around me

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