Chapter 34


“Thomas, love, is everything alright? You’re late for work” mum said walking inside the house. Her eyes met mine before she scanned the house for any woman here or there, I playfully rolled my eyes at her behavior and wrapped an arm around her, hugging her tightly.

“I am fine, mum, and no, I am not late for work. If you’re checking for a woman here or there, there isn’t one. Don’t worry” I said glaring at her and Uncle Xavier. They have been at this since Kiara left London, and if I said that it didn’t start annoying me; then I would be lying.

“Thomas, when are you going to stop treating us as if we were your enemies? We are your family, and if we’re doing something; it is to keep you safe” mum said looking me in the eye.

“By safe you mean lying to me, and plotting a scam with dad, right? Well, good job doing so. Now, if you two don’t have anything else to tell me,

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