Chapter 35


My heart raced against my ribcage as I looked at Thomas as he spoke.

The way he stood confidently as if he ruled the world broke me more than I could describe.


Because I felt like a lost kitten in front of him.

Memories of what we went through played in my mind throughout the whole meeting, and I found it both harder to breath, or focus. However, I kept my eyes on him as he spoke, writing whatever he said, his voice making my heart race despite me not wanting to react to it.

It was two hours later when he was finally done with the meeting and everyone in the room was dismissing themselves. I stood up to fix my things only for a hand on top of mine to stop me making me flinch “wait”

I quickly removed my hand from under his. My blue eyes meeting his chocolate brown ones. The brown eyes which I’ve grown to force myself to forget. But it seemed like looking at them returned me back to memory lane. The urge to

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