Chapter 36


“Just why?” I asked Christopher. I couldn’t help but call the man after the meeting was over and I was sure that Kiara left the building. My eyes were fixed on the window as I watched her walk inside her company’s car.

“Why what exactly?” Christopher asked, his tone menacing. The man knew exactly what I was talking about, and yet, he was questioning me about this. I had begged him to show me where she was, I tried to apologize to her, to see her for just one second. But no matter what I said, he and her sister denied me that; I couldn’t even blame them for it after what happened.

“Of all people that you brought to face me. You sent the one woman you…”

“You of all people aren’t one to discuss who I send to represent me. If I sent Kiara, it is because she is my representative, and she would always be from now on. Whether it is to face you, or to face my other business partners;

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