Chapter 37


“I did as you told me” I said walking inside the house to find Christopher, Grace, and mum setting the table.

The pain I felt in my chest about the fact that I had hurt him the way I did, and intentionally did so, broke me. I didn’t even understand why it hurt me so much after what he and his family did, but seeing him as broken as he was broke my heart. The picture he sent me a long time ago, the picture was one that brought back memories to the time when we kissed. The time when he had hovered my body only to stop because he knew that I wasn’t ready yet.

“Good, now he knows not to mess with you” Christopher said putting the plates on the table.

“I just don’t want this to keep going, Christopher. I am here to work, not prove a point to a man who no longer means anything to me. With what I’m doing, it would seem like I care about his attention, and that is not something that I want to do”

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