Chapter 38


I laid on the couch with Kiara in my arms.

“Thomas, you know that this isn’t going to be ending well” she said sadly. I knew what she was referring to. She was afraid of how her family and mine would react when they found out about us, but I couldn’t care less anymore. The two of us have struggled enough away from one another for me to care.

“I cared about what they said before, and that only led me to making the biggest mistake of my life. I won’t be repeating that again, Kia” I said looking down at her. I kissed her temple and tightened my arms around her. She didn’t know how much I missed her, or how much it hurt me being away from her.

“Yeah, but the things that are in stake this time are far worse than those that would be now. You have your company, I have my position, and I can’t deny how much Chris has done for me…”

“Do you want this, Kiara?” I asked looking down at her. She frowned in confusion, looking up at me as to process my words “would you be willing to go all in
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