She smiled as he wrapped his arms around her from behind, hugging her tightly. Kissing her cheek from the back, his scruff scratching her cheek as she placed her palm on his cheek, gently pulling on his beard.

It has been seven years since Kiara and Thomas got married, and both were expecting their second baby soon. Their first daughter was now five years old and was both jealous and excited to see her new baby sibling.

“Heading to work?” Kiara asked her husband, turning around to face him. He pecked her lips, cupping her cheeks as he did.

“Yes, mum is coming over later, she wants to see Elena” Thomas said looking his wife in the eye. Two years into their marriage, a while before Kiara gave birth to her daughter, Iris softened to the couple, and despite having her conflicts with Kiara; knowing that her and Thomas were happy only made her want them being together. As for Thomas’s uncle, the man loved Kiara and would come to spend hours with her, helping her when he knew that Iris would
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