Chapter 10

Everly POV

We settled in the room, and I washed Valerian down with a wet cloth. It was a little too cold today for me to give him a bath right now. Once Valarian had settled and was napping, I had the longest, hottest shower in ages. Trying to wash the memories of last night away. 

I found my mate, saw him, and he didn't recognize me. But worse still was knowing he was with another woman. The agony that it caused as I ran home was heartbreaking as well as painful. When Marcus took me there, I hoped that he would recognize our son and get the help we needed, that maybe everything could be fixed, especially once I  realized he was my mate. Allowing hope for the first time in ages, and I caught a glimmer of it only for it to be taken away, and now I was failing my son once again, that much I did know.


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Jodi McGillis Beighley
like it but what happened to free?
goodnovel comment avatar
Marma Vargas
liking it so far, i would agree why is it locked when it said free
goodnovel comment avatar
Sianny Khj
loving the story line but can't read anymore as it's bloody locked..... what's the point in advertising its free when it's not really is it

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