Chapter 12

Not long after the truck leaves my car in the parking lot, I am waiting on the curb. Zoe got out of the taxi first as it stopped beside me. Zoe pays for the cab, and I help her grab her stuff from the trunk. 

“I never knew this place was here,” She says, looking up at the vast hotel, "kinda creepy, it looks haunted,” She adds, and I chuckle. 

“Anyway, I am so glad to see you again.  I have been so excited I barely slept a wink last night,” Zoe tells me, giving me a hug. 

“So, is this everything?” I ask her looking down at the pram and duffle bag.

“Yep, that’s everything, our life in a bag. Pathetic, isn’t it?”

“No, see that pie

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Andrea Nalin
I love this so far!
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Nancy Bowens Webb
I think she’s Valens mother
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Ashlie Sampson
love it, such a good story

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