Chapter 13

Valen POV

2 months Later

Her hands kept clawing at my clothes as we stumbled into my room. Her fingers fiddling with my buttons and her lips licking and sucking my neck like a leech. Why does every woman's touch repulse me? I watch as she peels her dress off over her head before giving her a shove making her knees hit the bed. She tumbles backward, and I had to fight the urge to laugh as her arms flailed about. Yeah, that was sexy, not!

Stripping my pants off, I climb on the bed and tear her panties off. She squeals at the sting of the lace, but I couldn't care less. I needed to burn my anger off. Alpha John once again put me in a bad mood tonight. But I was already regretting bringing this bimbo home as I climbed between her legs, shoving her legs apart. I wanted as little of her touching me as possibl

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Andrea Nalin
Guy guys need to do better for your readers, we spend money when we can why can’t we have our free chapters anymore?
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Marième Sylla Diagne
is it free or not? ...
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JoAndi McCloud
Did you pay to continue to read it all the way through?

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