Chapter 135

Macey POV

The following morning, I woke to a pinch in my neck. I had hardly slept all night as I fought the urge, yet my attempts to stay awake were unsuccessful, exhaustion eventually taking me.

“Shh, my love, it is just a sedative,” Carter murmured as he pulled the syringe from my neck. My fingertips touched the spot. He had handcuffed me to him during the night. I had tried to shift out of my restraints, yet he pounced on me before I even made it a step from the bed. Which earned me the handcuffs for my efforts. He had also drugged me the moment he wrestled me back into the restraints. I had cursed myself all night. I should have held out longer, earned his trust. All night I had stared at the ceiling completely paralyzed.

Panic coursed through me as he stabbed me again, this time. “It’s just precaution. This won’t paralyze you completely, just stop you from shifting mostly and is more of a muscle relaxant. My father’s invention, shitty man, but a smart one,” he says. There was so
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Comments (18)
goodnovel comment avatar
people hurry up and find and kill this idiot because Macey needs help fast.
goodnovel comment avatar
Maritza Mendoza
very frustrating with Tatum.Likemacey
goodnovel comment avatar
Linda G
I refuse to accept Tatum for what a sh!thead he turned out to be. he's almost as bad as Carter so I dislike that Macey is still thinking about Tatum.

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