Chapter 139

Macey POV

"You're right. It is inevitable. But that doesn't mean it has to be unpleasant, right?" I ask before climbing between his legs. He watches me as I reach for the waistband of his pants, my fingers slipping beneath them.

My fingers tremble as I grip them and slide them down his legs, only for him to grab my shoulders and haul me up his body. He crushes me against his body, and he rolls on top of me, his body sliding between my legs and pressing against me as he purrs.

His hands reach for the thin slip dress as he bunches it before removing it over my head. He tosses it aside, his lips going to my chest. My skin buzzed and came alive at his touch, tingles spreading everywhere as he captured my nipple in his mouth.

His lips trailed down my ribs, nipping and grazing my flesh with his teeth. I swallowed, trying to ignore our bond that was telling me to give myself to him. Yet it was hard when, despite not wanting his hands pawing over me or his lips tasting me, the sensations

Guys I never said whose wedding, so not a spoiler, are you forgetting there is Zoe, and Macey? Also Ava. For all anyone knows maybe Kalen and John could marry. Now wouldn't that be an odd twist, but still a twist lol All my books have a happy ending no one reads to be miserable at the end lol, just some have different sorts of happy endings. I was just explaining, why Macey pov is important for those that keep hounding my inbox asking if the story has turned to hers, lol

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Chloe-Emma Hart
Everly got engaged….
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Sheryl Mccann
I think that Maceys happy ending should be that Tatum and her now have a second chance mate...
goodnovel comment avatar
Malinda Isaacs
it's all flowing, one story. its irritating when there are main characters and after they settles in their love it is moved on to a love story of this sister and the other and the thread of main characters lost. thank you writer you gifted

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