Chapter 140

Valen POV

We were on the other side of the mountain from where we were meeting up with my father. We were still about an hour away because the storm was making visibility a real bitch.

Dion and a few other men were traveling in the cars behind us as we tried to get to my father. When the mind link opened up, Marcus came through. Stupidly, I opened it, allowing Tatum in on the link, not expecting the news we got.

"How far away are you?"

"About an hour away still, this storm is bloody terrible," I tell him. My windscreen wipers were going a hundred miles an hour, and the road was barely visible, even to my enhanced eyesight. We were going to have a hell of a time finding anything out there if it didn't blow over soon.

"Your father and John have headed in," Marcus tells us.

"They were supposed to wait for us," I growled, annoyed they would be so reckless and enter forsaken territory without backup. My father at least should know better. I know John isn't in the right headspace at the m
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love and guilt can really mess with someone mind and heart . his minds only wants to correct his wrongs no matter how list he is.
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Omg! Wth! This is crazy!
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I think this book would make a brilliant film/series

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