Chapter 141

Macey POV

I stared at Carter's body for god knows how long before I came back to my senses. I glanced around the room, and it suddenly looked a lot different. It was depressing before, but now it was as cold and dead as I felt inside.

My nose still hadn't stopped bleeding, and vertigo washed over me as I stood up. I stagger, moving toward the bag Carter had brought back with him. Undoing the zip, I rummage through it, looking for the key before remembering it was around his neck, and I glanced at his body tucked in bed as if he was sleeping.

Hesitantly, I move toward him before pulling the blanket back. My hand shakes as I reach forward, grab the chain around his neck, and yank it. The gold chain snaps, and I quickly shove the blanket back up to cover him. Tears spill over, and I wipe my eyes, trying to clear them when my vision turns red. I blink, trying to clear them and rub at them furiously, to see my hands come back bloody, making me gape at them.

I knew it would be harmful to
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Yesenia Ayala
This chapter had me all types of emotions. Cracking up with Macey, Karen and John and say gross, old rock paper scissors it. Then aww when Tatum came in just in time!
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Christina Ortiz
OMG this was amazing
goodnovel comment avatar
Marry Jane Loveingyou
Omg yaaaa I am so happy they are together .........

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