Chapter 143

Valen POV

We were finally going home, and I was beside myself with panic and I think that this was the slowest I had ever driven in my life. Cars were honking their horns behind me, and I glared at the driver in my mirror. Does he not see the baby on board sticker?

"Valen 50kms is already too slow for this strip. You're doing 20 under," Everly hisses at me as cars overtake me.

"We have fragile cargo in the car. What if their little heads wobble?" Just saying that has me reduce my speed more. It wasn't worth the risk!

"We are more likely to get hit with you going this slow," Everly scolds, and I sigh.

"I'm serious, Valen. Speed up or let me drive. They're more durable than you think,"

"They are newborns!" I catch Everly rolling her eyes.

"I get this is your first newborn, and you want to wrap them in cotton wool, but seriously, they are durable, geez. Valarian fell off the bed once, screamed his damn head off, but he is perfectly fine,"

"You dropped him off the bed?" I ask, horrified
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Comments (141)
goodnovel comment avatar
i have impecable timing. i was reading this just as i was eating my dinner.
goodnovel comment avatar
Anna-marie Scott
......... this is so funny. big bad Alpha throwing up cos his son threw up
goodnovel comment avatar
Mary Quackenbush
I'm laughing so hard that I'm crying lmmfao

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