Chapter 144

Valen POV

"You need to take the batteries out. Why doesn't she stop crying?" I whined, hearing baby C scream for the hundredth time since we got her home? That one was faulty, or she needed to be placed back on demo mode, I thought as I rolled over with my sandpaper eyes to retrieve her from her bassinet.

"Babies cry," is all Everly offers as she shuffles up the bed and yawns. I peer at the clock. She wasn't even asleep for forty-five minutes this time. It was 2:20 am!

"You need to get that one checked. Something is wrong with her," I tell Everly as I hand her over. Everly flops out a boob while the baby opens her mouth like a fish enjoying my funbags, and Everly won't let me touch them either. I eye the baby with jealousy.

My balls were so blue, and I knew I was never getting laid again at this rate, and here Everly was flopping those big juicy titties out in front of me every two seconds. Does she not know how full my balls are? They need emptying. Everly eyes go to me for a second
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Comments (137)
goodnovel comment avatar
amber coleman
omg this part was so touching
goodnovel comment avatar
Mary Quackenbush
Very beautiful and yep crying again lol
goodnovel comment avatar
Megan Bulger
for me I only see everlyn and summer's names. Claire isn't mentioned anywhere in the babies names for some reason. not sure if it's just a glitch some get but I only saw 2 babies names too

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