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Macey POV

Seven eggs later and one finally stuck, the joy I felt when we found out our baby made it past what they considered the safe date was overwhelming. Zoe was devastated each time, just as devastated as I. Some part of my mind thought it just wasn’t meant to be. Carter had ruined every chance I had once he marked me, I may now be immune to Forsaken bites, but the venom of his bite had serious ramifications.

The city scientists managed to scramble and find a safe vaccine, thankfully to Valen’s genetic mutation, he was an anomaly and so was Valarian, entirely immune to the effects of the venom, yet for me, the damage was done. I couldn’t even try to use my own eggs, and now every year for the rest of my life I would need the vaccine to keep from turning Forsaken myself. Things could have been worse, I could be dead, just like Emily, and those who were infected. Tatum also was subjected to yearly vaccinations too.

The last year our lives were turned upside down, one thing we wer

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sharlene williams
will there be valerian story?
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Melissa Byrd
Loved this whole story
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That was the funniest chapter…I was in fits of laughter

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