Bonus Chapter 2


“I don’t like it,” Valen growls, pacing the living room. I sigh, trying to work through the backlog of paperwork I have been avoiding. If he paces anymore, I would need to replace the damn carpet.

Valen stops next to the coffee table. “Do you hear it? Does it not bother you?” he demands, and I raise an eyebrow and shake my head, turning back to the paperwork resting on my lap when my pen suddenly disappears from my hand. Annoyed, I huff, pinning him with a glare.

“Can you hear it? It’s driving me damn insane,”

“Hear what?” I ask, shaking my head and holding my hand out expectantly for my pen.

“Exactly!” Valen hisses, passing my pen back. “It’s so quiet,” he mutters to himself.

I roll my eyes. Is he seriously still carrying on over this? “Yep, it is great! I can now scratch my ass without one of them being up it,” Valen glares at me.

“I’m going to get them,” he snatches up his keys, and I groan and rest my head back on the couch. “They have been at school for not even two ho
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goodnovel comment avatar
your hilarious with us this chapter. it's funny how men think to make one bad think into a good one . the nesting faze goes away sadly but when they grow up and leave the home to make a life of their own it's sad too. then you really don't know what to do for yourself. great book
goodnovel comment avatar
Aimee Guzman
So funny ... ... How Valen is feeling that something is missing in the house. He came to the conclusion he has to get her pregnant
goodnovel comment avatar
Love this story. It always makes me laugh. Thank you for the bonus chapters.

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