Bonus Chapter 3

Six months later.

“Frankie, get back here with my damn shoe,” I screech, chasing the damn dog through the house. He races up the stairs, my heel in his mouth while I try to catch the little turd. His

Short stumpy legs run a million miles an hour as he tries to evade me.

“Frankie!” I screech as he darts into one of the kid's rooms. He peeks over his tiny shoulder, giving me a challenging look before he hides under Valarian’s bed. “Come here, puppy, puppy, give me my damn shoe, or I will make one out of you,” I growl at him.

I reach for the squirming beast, gripping the heel, and it becomes a game of tug-o-war.

“Give me my damn shoe!”

“Should have chosen the baby,” Valen says behind me, and I jump, bumping my head. I wiggle out from under the bed.

“We have a meeting, and your dog stole my heel!” I snap at him.

Valen whistles, and Frankie yelps excitedly.

“Now, Frankie.” Valen calls. I see his little head poke out from under the bed, my heel covered in slobber, he slinks his way
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Comments (74)
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Jill Carroll Raber
I have 4 dogs so I could see this whole with the pup playing out. we have one named Daisy but we call her goat half the time because she literally eats EVERYTHING..
goodnovel comment avatar
Michelle Mckinney
I was surprised to see the bonus chapters thank you they are still hilarious and the kids OMG I think she should give him 1 more. but the poop I can't stop laughing Thank you
goodnovel comment avatar
Cristina Da Cruz
I need another bonus chapter ...

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