ISABELLA POV

     My name is Isabella Wilson, I am ten years old and the only daughter of Alpha Fred Wilson of Rangers pack and my mother is Erica Wilson.

   I have lived my life like a princess being loved and cherished by everyone in my father's pack. 

  Being an only child came along with a lot of pampering and love from my parents. My parents and grandparents all live in the pack house and I was loved by my grandparents.

  Despite my grandfather was still alive, my father was the Alpha. He was nice and loved everyone in the pack.

   My mother was Luna and a female warrior in the pack. She had defeated warriors during the wolves training and that earned her more respect.

   I had vowed that when I grow older, I would be like my mother, undefeated. I would stay afar watching her in training and applauding her.

  My grandfather often calls me his Blond hair girl to tease me. I don't like it when I am reminded that I am a blonde.

   Dad had dark hair and mum's was a little golden. Why do I have to have blond hair? When my grandma saw that I wasn't happy with the color of my hair,she told me that my paternal great grandmother has blonde hair.

   I am a tall girl with a straight pointed nose. My eyes were grey and round shaped. My lips were cherry with deep dimples when I smiled.

   My hair was long and full, often being trimmed by my mum's hair designer. I am taller than most girls of my age and my parents attributed it to the good genes I possess.

  We were living happily and fine until one day I woke up and discovered I was confined to my room. 

  I tried to ask questions and why but no one came to my aid, everyone seemed to be busy and alert as I saw my bodyguards with armour as if they were going for a battle .

  Going to war was not something new to me,many times my father and the other warriors had often gone to battle with rogues and enemies who tried to infiltrate into our pack.

  But there has been no war that would make everyone in the pack house restless and going about with armour. 

  Neither have I ever been confined to my room. I was worried, what is happening? Where is my mother? She would probably be fighting and defending the females of the pack who wouldn't be able to defend themselves.

  My nanny rushed into my room and brought me food that was capable of sustaining me for an entire day. She looked scared as if her breath was going to jump off her throat.

  "Listen to me Isa, there is chaos and pandemonium outside. Your mother has asked me to instruct you to stay indoors for the entire time until she comes to fetch you. Is that clear?" My nanny instructed and I nodded.

  Soon she left and the door was shut from outside. 

   I was sitting in my room, a confused little girl. My nanny shut me in at mother's instructions and I was given my meal.

  My bodyguards were stationed to stand at the door and I was totally forbidden to step out of my room.

   I don't know how long but I heard the noise of swords chattering. I was wondering why there was so much noise outside my door but since I was forbidden to step out, I remained indoors.

  Soon I didn't hear the noise of swords chattering again and I was scared. What is happening that I couldn't get out to witness. 

  I was uneasy and suddenly I felt a chill sensation run through my spine. Something isn't right, my parents and grandparents were in danger.

  Should I find my way out and go check on them? But I was young and frail. What would I be able to do if they were in danger?

 While I was still scared and afraid the door to my room was pushed open and my heart beat almost skipped in fear as I glanced at the fellow who walked in.

   My mother was looking blood stained and she stared at me, her eyes were red and I knew the wolves in her were out of control.

  She didn't say anything to me but just grabbed me by my wrist and held her sword with the other as she walked out of the room.

  I saw the bodies of some of my father's favourite pack members. Some were dead while others were badly wounded.

  Some were leaping, but whichever, except those who were dead, others were struggling to stand up on their feet and escape.

  My mother held me and we escaped from the pack house and started running towards the direction of the forest. I knew without being told, we were escaping from our home, our pack house and it's not a good sign.

  I kept running with my mother and didn't bother to ask her why we were leaving our home. She's the most trusted person in my life and she would protect me with her life.

   We saw many pack members escape as well, all running in the direction of the forest like my mother. Warriors surrounded my mother and I and though she was a female warrior herself, at this critical time, she needed to be protected.

  We ran a few distances. If it were humans, they would have been tired and panting already but we were wolves with special strength and abilities.

   Eventually, we arrived at a cave…

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