My mother shoved me into the cave and followed me in. The warriors stood outside, obviously protecting the opening of the cave. 

   When I got in, I was scared. This was nothing compared to the pack house I was raised in for the past ten years of my life. 

   I was almost sobbing but I discovered that my tears were not coming. Suddenly I felt people might be inside and I turned to look around.

  I saw many of our pack members hidden inside the cave. I saw my nanny too and many of them were wounded and bleeding.

  It dawned on me there that this was a hiding place. Perhaps enemies were after us and we were going to hide in the cave for the time being.

   But my father, a sudden realization dawned on me. If we were hiding, what about my father and my grandparents?

  I turned sharply and gripped my mother's arm. "Where's father?" I Asked. This was the first question I asked my mother from the moment she walked into my room and escaped with me.

  She stared at me for a while and I could tell she was annoyed at the time. " Your father is in danger. You have to hide here until you are told to come out along with others.." My mother answered.

  I squinted. I was to hide? What about her, isn't she going to stay here with me?

   " ..I have to go and help your father. Stay with the others and I will come and fetch you again. But I need to find your father and grandparents.." my mother explained.

   I held her hand and shook my head. I don't want her to go anywhere. Then, I was really scared. My mother was already stained with blood.

   What if she got wounded like the others? I don't want her to go. I want my father and grandparents to come as well so we could all leave from the cave.

  My mother placed her hand on my hand and looked at me with an expressionless face "I have to go Isabella. Just be good and I will return to fetch you.." she instructed with a tone of final authority as she slipped out of the cave.

  At this point, I knew something wasn't right and there's great danger. My nanny tried to console me but she was badly wounded and was hurting inside.

   My father had always won in battles and I never experienced such a devastating fate. Whatever made us run away from our pack house with other members of the pack, must be a deadly battle.

  And one thing was certain, we had been defeated. We were now hiding in a cave outside our boundaries. I was sorrowful.

  The cave was dark and hardly was I able to see the third person next to me. I sighed and knew there were going to be some unpleasant memories to be remembered.

 I don't know how long we stayed but my mother returned and we all were instructed to step out.

  I quickly came out and I saw a few wounded  warriors waiting outside. I hugged my mother with a scared look, happy that she returned to me again.

  She held me in her embrace and sighed audibly. The environs were dark and I looked around to find my father, wounded but still holding on.

  He was carrying my grandmother who was whimpering and sobbing. He carried her, by slunging her on his shoulders.

  But I looked farther and around but couldn't see my grandfather. I went to my dad and looked up at him " Where is grandfather?" I asked.

   I haven't received an answer yet but my eyes were already welled up in tears. My dad looked at me and shook his dad " He was badly wounded and he died" 

  I could feel my father answered me with great difficulty. With my grandmother sobbing so loud and my father severely wounded I knew my father had Said the truth: grandfather was dead.

   I started sniffling. My mother held me and pulled me into a hug "It's ok Isabella. We will avenge this assault one day.." My mother declared with a blood thirsting tone.

   We set out without delay. We must leave that vicinity before dawn. My grandmother was sobbing for her mate. 

   She sobbed and eventually slept off in my dad's arms. But through her sleep she was sniffling.

  We walked a long distance and my dad told us all to sit and rest. He laid my grandmother down and went with a few warriors who were not so badly wounded to hunt for game.

  My father was wounded and his knees were swollen red but he endured the pain and went in search of what everyone would eat.

   The others sat but their hands were on their weapons and swords. My mother was seated quietly as well and her head kept turning to see my sleeping grandmother.

  Soon my dad returned with the others and made a fire. The meat was roasted and everyone took a portion. 

  I couldn't eat but my mother urged me to eat. We were still going to Walk a few more distances. She gave me a portion and I ate.

  Suddenly my father stood alert, he was hearing the sounds of approaching wolves. The others left their food halfway and were alert as well.

  Before my eyes, everyone of them beginning at my father shapeshifted into wolves. 

  My father's wolf was the largest, tall and huge. It's fur was standing upright and I heard him roar loud and long.

   His claws were ready as if about to devour a prey. His eyes were blood red and he ran furiously at the direction the noise was coming from.

  My mother didn't shape shift but was partially transformed as fur appeared on her body and she was having a different look from the beautiful woman she was.

   Only I couldn't shape shift. I hadn't discovered my wolf yet. I was still young but I looked forward to the day I would shape shift and have my wolf too.

   It wasn't long when I saw my father return and the warriors not as the wolves they were when they ran furiously into the forest but in their human state.

   They were in Company of some people I don't know. They seemed not to be our enemies and my mother became herself again.

  "Thank you Alpha Robert. I will be grateful.." My father appreciated it. I don't know what he did for My father to be appreciated or the favor he showed us.

   "You are welcome Alpha Fred Wilson. This is my way of saying thank you for your previous support and help" the man referred to as Alpha Robert replied.

   Later I discovered that he had promised to watch our back and not let our enemies chase us into his territory.

  Our pack has been taken over and a rogue has proclaimed himself the Alpha. He had fought with my father and his warriors and overcame us with many dead and some wounded.

  Many Of my father's allies conspired together with his enemy to overthrow him. They betrayed him and fought against him for the enemy.

  That was why we failed,we were defeated because our enemies were fighting us from within not without. 

   It was painful when my father recounted his experience years later. He stopped trusting some so called loyal pack members because of the fear of having a spy and a traitor who eats with him on his table.

   My grandmother soon woke up and started whimpering again. She was asking for my grandfather, her mate. She said she was going to die without him around her.

  I perceived the whimpering of pain in her and how the loss of her mate affects her but I couldn't do anything to numb the painful whimpering.

  I saw her tears and pain, my father's disappointed spirit and his bereaved looks and I swore to revenge someday.

   I wouldn't let this pass, I would take back everything my parents have lost and avenge the death of my grandfather and other pack members who sacrificed their lives to see my father escape.

  For those who held on to their loyalty to him and died while doing so. For those who stood by us and left their settled life to begin the birth of a new pack.

  For everyone,I will take revenge someday when I become strong. That's the promise I made to myself.

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