Declared himself the Alpha

Lukas Briston declared himself the new Alpha of the Rangers pack. He was the head of the warriors and a Beta under Fred Wilson.  

  He was a tall hefty man but a tyrant. He had secretly stolen the hearts of many pack members and those who were once loyal to the former Alpha.

  He had built an underground army and has been working on overturning the position of the Alpha from Fred Wilson to himself.

   They had strategies and suddenly launched an attack. When Fred Wilson got a hint of what was happening, he ordered his warriors to launch an attack, but alas, it was too late.

   His warriors were divided. Some had turned traitors and his head warrior was the chief traitor.

   It was too sudden for him to make an immediate change. The few loyal ones fought with their lives and strength to protect the Alpha.

  Many of them died in the process and some were badly wounded. Fred's father, the former Alpha also went to fight against the traitors and Lukas Briston personally slashed his throat through with a silver sword.

   By the time he was able to approach the pack house where the Alpha and his family lived, they were all gone except for the dead Bodies who couldn't make it out of the house.

   "How did you let them escape?" Lukas thundered on his newly elected warriors. He had positioned them to ensure none of the royal family escaped.

   Dante Woods went on a knee and bowed before Lukas Briston "I was watching and stood stationed. But didn't realise there was a secret passage located at the back door where they all escaped.

   Before I realised it, they were gone and I finished the servants and warriors I met.." he hurriedly explained.

  Lukas was wroth. He had the map of the entire pack house and ensured that Fred and his family did not escape, especially him and his daughter.

  But he never realised that there was a secret passage besides the back door. He stomped his feet on the floor and gnashed angrily.

  " What about that blonde haired daughter of his? Was she whisked away too?" He demanded, letting his wolf roar within him.

  "She is also gone.." Dante Woods answered, still kneeling. He dared not look up and he seemed afraid that Lukas would punish him.

  Lukas Briston glared angrily at everyone present. If Fred Wilson was dead and his daughter captured and enslaved forever, then he would close his two eyes and sleep.

  But he escaped due to the negligence of his warriors. And his daughter who was destined to be one of the greatest Warriors escaped as well.

   Then he can't be at ease until he hunts and gets Fred and his daughter either dead or alive. He just wants to set his eyes on them.

  He has come to stay as the Alpha. But what about his son Derick? If he didn't finish Fred and his lineage, they would sprout out one day to fight his son and the generations later.

   He assigned his newly head warrior and another trusted ally to after Fred Wilson. Turning to Dante Woods, he instructed " Get the warriors together and pursue Fred Wilson. Bring him and his entire family here to me dead or alive.." he commanded.

  "So be it your highness.." Dante declared and stood, marching out from before Lukas Briston and the other warriors followed him.

   " Go and make a proclamation everywhere within and outside the pack that Lukas Briston has become the new Alpha of Rangers pack.

   I therefore demand absolute loyalty and reverence from every member of the pack. If there's anyone found not being loyal, such a one would be openly executed.." Lukas Briston ordered.

   While the information was being disseminated, Lukas Briston and his family moved into the pack house as the new Alpha and his wife Brenda Bristol became the royal mother.

   He made new laws, overturning Fred Wilson's old laws which make life convenient for everyone in his pack, a reason he was loved dearly.

  Lukas Briston changed the laws and called the former Alpha a weakling. He placed heavy taxes and yearly returns that triple what the members pay during the tenure of Fred Wilson.

   He claimed if anyone dares to challenge him, he would be burnt alive on the stake. Though unhappy, the members of the Rangers pack lived in silence and knew a worse fate would befall them in a long time to come.

   Derick was young but knew all that had happened. He didn't approve of what his father had done. How can he dethrone the former Alpha that way?

  He could have gone somewhere and started up a new pack. He doesn't have to turn a traitor to become an Alpha.

   He was the beta to the former Alpha and a prominent personality in the pack. He had enough respect and was loved by the former Alpha.

  But he had turned against his own leader and made some loyal pack members rebel and turn against their Alpha as well.

  Though he had never visited the pack house nor met with Alpha Fred Wilson nor any member of his family, he felt how disappointed Alpha Fred and his family would feel.

   Where were they supposed to go to now? Driven away from their home and pack, are they going to wander about like a rogue?

   Will they be absorbed into another pack? Are they going to start all over again? He would one day find Alpha Fred Wilson and apologise to him.

   At that time, if he becomes an Alpha, he would return his pack and position back to him or his daughter.

   He has never met that daughter of the former Alpha. He wished she would take over from her father and someday they would meet again.

   "Derick, you look sullen. Is there a problem?" Brenda Bristol asked her son. As soon as they stepped into the pack house which now has become their new home, she discovers that her son suddenly lost his excitement and happy nature.

   "There is a problem mum. I am not happy coming here or being referred to as the Alpha's son.." Derick replied.

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